How could anybody dislike President Obama?

I don’t know how anyone could possibly dislike President Obama. It’s really not fair to hold the characteristic posture of his head against him, you know how he walks around — with his nose and chin pointing up like Mussolini. He’s earned the right to be arrogant. If he didn’t act that way, you might think he was an affirmative action president. And, if you think that, you’re a racist. In fact, if you disagree with him at all, you must be a racist, because he’s never been wrong yet. He’s has never done anything that you could fairly hold against him, it’s always been someone else’s fault – mainly G. W. Bush or the Tea Party or John Boehner or the Cambridge police acting stupidly. He has never done anything wrong, like doing a sweetheart deal with Tony Rezko or putting his name on a book written by Bill Ayers or falsifying his entire life story. In fact, before he was president, he never did anything at all except dig out dirt from sealed divorce records in corrupt Illinois courts to use against his opponents. You can’t blame him for that, those courts were corrupt long before he came along. When you’re in Chicago, of course you do things the Chicago way. And since they worked in Chicago, you keep doing them when you get to D.C. He’s always upfront, so you know exactly what he’s going to do next – it’s what he’s denouncing someone else for doing now. If he invites you to a public event, you always know that he’s going to use that event to denounce you in a situation where it would be impolite for you to respond. If you don’t believe it, ask Paul Ryan. Similarly, if he disagrees with you, it’s only because he’s always right and he wants to do what’s best for America but — you — you are only interested in power and are trying to sell America down the river if you don’t instantly agree to the wisdom of his proposals. He’s the only righteous man in America. He almost never lies more than 5 or 10 times in a five minute spiel. What’s not to love?

Let’s also place a majority of the blame where it belongs, on the media. Who never looked into 0bama’s past, while at the same time moving next to Sarah Palin to investigate? Who never checked the birth certificate, but cried for the investigation of McCain’s birth in Panama? Who never checked college grades of 0bama, but had to check Bush II to see his grades? Who never checked 0bama’s Illinois state senator record of voting present nearly all the time, never taking a stand? I could go on, but you get the idea.

The media is complicit in 0bama’s entire rise to power in this country. May they reap the reward of their hard work to run the country to oblivion.


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