Mitt Romney incident from almost 50 years ago gives the Moral Relativists on the Left Heart Palpitations

So, let me get this straight President Obama has an Epiphany about supporting gay marriage and the Obama Media Tool known as the Washington Post comes out with this story:

Washington Post Article

Amazing how an amazingly researched and carefully composed piece of journalism suggesting deep seated homophobia by Romney was ready for the Thursday paper right after the Wednesday announcement of Obama’s evolution. No way was that coordinated between the media and the White House.

If not coordinated, then the Post was sitting on this completed story and decided with Obama’s announcement to run it earlier than planned, which would say something about the bias of the media as well.

I was once mean to a girl in high school, something I do regret as an adult but don’t lose sleep over. Questions:

1) Should I start losing sleep over it?
2) Should I kill myself?
3) Should I vote for Obama?

Romney should RUN with this…

A campaign ad, saying, “Yes, I did this as a kid… in the 60’s, in America… and I’m sorry for being an American kid…and I have no Secrets… Mr. President? Can you say the same?”

Anyone who has actually gone to high school knows firsthand that bullying, cruelty and pranks taken to extreme NEVER HAPPEN. /sarc

So what he did was wrong, but he was an adolescent, couldn’t vote, couldn’t drive, not an ADULT. Find me one person who says they never did anything cruel during that phase and I’ll find you a liar.

Now President Obama consorted with KNOWN and ADMITTED terrorists as an ADULT, snorted coke and smoked pot AS AN ADULT, and sat for 20 years listening to a reverse bigot named Reverend Wright.

Which do YOU think is more indicative of the character of the individual TODAY?

This is why Julia doesn’t have a husband. He died from the lingering after-effects of the ‘wet Willie’ Mitt Romney cruelly gave him in high school.

It’s all part of Obama’s playbook: Convince gay, non-white, and female individuals that Romney will oppress them, not only with “heteronormative,” “anglonormative,” and “andronormative” values, but in the case of the Washington Post story, literal violence.

That is what Obama is all about: replacing the “moral impurity” of strait-ness, white-ness, and male-ness with his utopian visions.

It is that insane ideology that is being taught in almost all universities and colleges, and it is the future ideology of what was once America.

This will not end well.


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