Mr. President Stop the BS I always knew you were for Gay Marriage – it is one of the reasons I voted for Alan Keyes in 2004 when you were running for the Senate.

Well, that and how you forced Seven of Nine’s husband’s (Jack Ryan) divorce papers to become unsealed so you could humiliate him.

 Okay, show of hands: When we see “Obama was always for Gay marriage”, how many of us are surprised? How many of us) believed him when he ducked-and-covered the question with his nonsense about his “evolving” views? Pretty close to none. Why? Because we know Democrats lie. They have to live in stealth mode, if they come clean about their true beliefs they would not get the time of day in an election. Look at what happened Tuesday. So when The One tells us he now supports gay marriage (which is a ludicrous concept in the first place), I say “well, at least he is telling us the truth about something now. Let us all do ourselves a big favor and get rid of this lying toadstool while we still have something resembling a great nation!

As far as his discussing any issue with the Marxists on his staff, that discussion begins every morning — with the visage that appears in his shaving mirror.

This is about as much as an Epiphany as much as it is an “Epiphany” that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.  We know Obama hasn’t had one or he would have said so. I hope, however, that the American people have had an epiphany. Electing Obama to POTUS was no better than electing Bill Ayers would have been. Obama, Ayers, and Jarrett are mentally linked as one. Atheism and Communism is in their blood and in their souls.

Obama’s strategy for reelection is to divert attention from the record of his term.

This amounts to bringing up distracting, even irrelevant, yet very charged topics which appeal directly to the heart of the leftists. In effect he says:

“Support me on ideological grounds, don’t bother with anything else, my many failures don’t count, what counts is that I am a liberal. Forward comrades!”

He has evaded being asked or had to answer any questions about the economy. He speaks to children where he knows he will not be put on the spot by having to answer a substantive question. No one should be surprised. He is a congenital liar and anyone who doesn’t believe he held yesterday’s stated position all along, is not paying attention; SUCH A little MAN for such a BIG job.

The Chameleon in Chief adopts any hue that will draw a vote. As all politicians practice adapting to the environment by partaking of an ethic food specialty when in particular neighborhoods and inserting a few words in the language of the motherland during their pathetic plea to remain among the government royalty. The facade fades as they are whisked away in their limos with the query, how did I do, think they bought it? 


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