Obama Pathetically Pushes Congress to Flush More Tax Payer Money down the Toilet

Washington Times

Putting pressure on Congress to approve parts of his latest economic stimulus plan, President Obama urged Americans Saturday to push lawmakers to approve his multibillion-dollar “to-do list” for creating jobs.

“Each of the ideas on this list will help create jobs and build a stronger economy right now,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly address. “Let’s push Congress to do the right thing. Let’s keep moving this country forward together.”

The president’s list includes an expanded program to help homeowners refinance their mortgages, a proposal to give small businesses tax breaks for hiring more workers, a program that would help veterans find jobs, and an extension of tax credits for clean-energy companies.

He lobbied for the refinancing plan Friday in a speech in Reno, Nev. – a state that ranks second in the nation in mortgage foreclosures.

All told, the proposals on the president’s list could cost up to $34.7 billion: They are part of a more comprehensive $447 billion jobs package that Congress mostly has resisted.

How’s that hope and change working out for ya? I guess the new hope is you can qualify for welfare, food stamps, and/or whatever unemployment because there isn’t going to be an economy left after the left is done.

California is a prime example of what not-to-do when running a state government and they are showing no signs of stopping. The idiot in the white house likes bragging about how he came into a deficit and in turn I guess sees the only solution as growing it.

At what point do we have a new tea party in this country? We had the Boston tea party for taxation without representation but how about our new problem; taxation with growing deficits. What’s the point of collecting taxes if all we are doing is digging ourselves deeper in debt? The US is like making only the minimum payment due on a credit card with a balance of a trillion dollars.

This is really a cry for help on Obama’s part. The man needs serious credit counseling and a fiscal reality check–pretty darn quick. His entire economic plan is based on spending trillions of dollars in borrowed money on corrupt pork barrel projects and failed social programs–ad nauseum.

The results are clear: we’ve lost our AAA credit rating. Our trillion dollar deficits are mortgaging the future of our kids and grandchildren. And economic growth coming out of the last recession is the worst in post war American history. Now, there’s nothing left in the cupboard for the Baby Boomers to retire on except Obama IOUs. And more people than ever are dropping out of the workforce–leaving fewer taxpayers to help foot the massive debts he’s foolishly racking up.

And still, Obama continues to whip out the national credit card–like some drunken sailor on shore leave–for every little problem that comes down the pike.

It is high time to finally act on his behalf. Let’s all boot Obama into the intensive care ward of a reputable rehab clinic this fall. That way, he can start to get the professional help that he so desperately needs–before he manages to bankrupt the whole country.


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