So much failure from the pink slime media, so little time. GCB or (Good Christian Bitches) debuted on ABC’s propaganda network in March. As of now, early May, it’s already cancelled. What an epic failure ABC is. I guess their attack on Christianity couldn’t pull in the ratings. Not enough left wing atheist loons would watch I guess. GCB WAS based on Kim Gatlin’s 2008 book “Good Christian Bitches.”


2 thoughts on “VICTORY!!!! ABC S**t Cans GCB

  1. I never actually watched the show because it look so bad. But I did enjoy watching Desperate Housewives (which this show was supposed to replace) which has been going down hill for quite awhile and is now over. I love ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Revenge which have both been renewed, so the network isn’t all bad. Maybe they will launch another good show to replace GCB.

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