About the Time Breast Feeding Cover…

Here is what I see in this defiant and smirking shrew. She is saying to traditional America, “Look at me, behold what I own, this boy, this male, this future man…Nobody but I can decide when (or if) he becomes a man as you traditionalists would expect. I dressed him in camouflage to evoke the ethos of military service, discipline, firmness…Nobody but I will decide if my boy is to succumb to the masculine ethos…If his mother wants to pamper him or feminize him, well then…”

The taboo-breaking of this very public image is yet another example of the kind of aggressive informality that The Left uses like a bludgeon to offend traditional sensibilities. They swing the bludgeon on television, constantly, in both the programming and the ads, e.g., some of the kissing on “Glee” or “Smash,” the relentless and utterly bald effort to promote images of mixed-race couples, etc.

This woman is a disgrace…and just another antagonist in the “War on Tradition” successfully being waged by the Progressive left. She’s also doing her kid, if that is even her kid, a great disservice by keeping him connect up to her teat at such an advanced age. Nursing is for infants, not for toddlers and young children. He needs to be weaned and begin to see life as an independent spirit, and not, a symbol of perpetual individual-government co-dependency. The best service parents, mothers and fathers both, can do for their kid is to give him an abundance of blades in his own personal Swiss Army Knife skill set. The kid on the cover of time will certainly be a sniveling, whining little fop who will demonstrate loudly if he doesn’t get his own way later in life. His knife will have few blades except those pointing to the generous teat. See, at some point everything in life becomes the quest for an “easy” teat just waiting for suckling — usually provided in great supply by the federal government. God he’ll be disappointed…most likely become a failure and pariah and suffer grievously psychologically for the selfish, misguided inanity of his “mom.” Gee…thanks, Mom!

I feel very sorry for this boy. Someday, his friends will see this photo, perhaps when he is a teenager or older. I’m sure he will be humiliated. As for the mother, what kind of a woman would use her son in this unconscionable way?

The left (all the factions, a means to an end) are void of most personal morals and virtues. On purpose (to antagonize us moral and virtued Americans) and by nature because they do not believe in anything Greater than themselves. They do not want to be accountable for their despicable behaviors. They want to tear down our culture this way to try and get to us. But we can’t let them. Yes, they’ll put it “in our face” every chance they get. We MUST not react. We need to stop reacting to things they put out there to distract us. EVERYTHING no matter how much it goes against what I believe and know to be virtuous, moral and TRUE. They reap what they sow. they are trying to ‘pick a fight’. They need chaos to transform us. We must not give it to them. Let them fight amongst each other.

TIME is like an old, washed up bordello Madame, waddling around the barroom of lying lechers, accosting the patron/inebriates, doing anything to shock, surprise, and titillate them in hope of securing just one more drink or couple/three bucks to get thru the day.

Time’s up for TIME. Tooting Marxism’s blood-spattered kazoo all these years does after all come at a price. And soft-core porn covers will not save it.

However, on the upside this is probably more of an appropriate Time Cover:


One thought on “About the Time Breast Feeding Cover…

  1. I cannot say what I want to say! You said it very concisely but I can’t even begin to describe how upsetting this is. Of course, ‘in your face’ shocking behavior is one of their tools….

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