To the Ron Paul Fanatic with the Jeep Cherokee whom works in the same building as I do

Have you heard Ron Paul ended his campaign?

So can you please remove the huge “Ron Paul Reloveution” stickers or whatever from sides of your car, the three bumper stickers and put away your Ron Paul Bobble heads please?

I know members of a cult don’t go down easy – death do you part. Okay, FYI the 2012 Republican Convention is in Tampa, FL August 27 – 30.  I know der leader has said he is going to attempt to cajole, beg and intimidate any and all Mitt Romney delegates to come back from the Dark Side and see the light that is Ron Paul.  So, I expect you to take time off from work and drive your Jeep down to Tampa Bobble heads and all and attempt to verbally headlock people like you tried with me last fall when I stupidly told you I gave to Herman Cain to see the virtues of Ron Paul.  Have fun down there but if for some reason Ron Paul’s “plan” does not work out, PLEASE:

1)      Don’t have a hissy fit and stay home on Election Day.


3)      Vote for Mitt Romney.  President Romney will probably make Dr. Paul Secretary of the Treasury and he can audit the fed all he wants.

But please take down the Ron Paul S**t, you’re worse than the guy in my office who decorated his cubicle with Lady Gaga crapola.


4 thoughts on “To the Ron Paul Fanatic with the Jeep Cherokee whom works in the same building as I do

    • Yes, I do work. I have a full time job as well as a part time job at a “Big Box” store. My wife works part-time and we also sell anything we find around the house on Craig’s List and/or EBAY. Where I live the price of our house has gone through the floor (thanks Obama) while our property taxes have gone through the roof (Thanks for the graft and corruption Democratic Cook County Employees). Tack on Homeowner’s Association Fees, replacing every appliance in the house and the kids health care costs you look for anything and every opportunity you can find to make a buck.

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