Is there really a difference between liberals and fascists?

The people described as “liberals” are not liberals, that is, they are not lovers of liberty. They are, in fact, lovers of complete government control. They would much more accurately be described as fascists. Benito Mussolini, who invented fascism, and should know, defined it as “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”. The beginning of wisdom is to call a thing by its proper name. We are never going to win this debate if we let the New York Times and MSNBC define the terms. “Fascist” is not a smear, it is a real word with a real meaning.

This is why they stole the word “liberal” and changed its meaning to the exact opposite. Freedom to us means liberty and choice to do as one pleases unless it harms others directly, but to OWS freedom means government stealing other people’s wealth so they are free from worry about food, shelter, clothing and money.

Liberals ruin everything because they feel guilty for being born American, but they never leave. They feel guilty for being at least semi-wealthy, but they always keep all their wealth. They feel guilty for ruining the environment, but they have kids. Liberals used to demand all types and kinds of freedoms, but now centralized government is all they know. White Liberals feel guilty for being white, but they want all of us to be European. Liberals want a perfect world, as long as they can blame Conservatives. Liberals demand empathy, compassion, and tolerance from Conservatives but they hate Conservatives with every thought and feeling they have. I am sure there are many more reasons. Of course, one other is that deep down they hate the United States, their own families, and themselves.

It is amusing and disturbing to see those wealthy liberals support this administration thinking they will be immune from having their fortunes redistributed. Their scholarly pursuits have made them arrogant and ignorant, while those who have little to lose will fight harder for the opportunity to gain more, be it by actual work and entrepreneurial pursuits or entitlements. The cake will be eaten right off of their plates.

Everything these people touch turns to Rot! Liberals are the most arrogant, intolerant, condescending and hateful people around, although their degree of hate is second only to that of the Islamofacist! Onward to November. 2012 is the beginning of a cleanout process, where we can rid our government of the RINO’s and Blue Dogs, and the Executive Branch Bureaucracies of liberals, as well as the colleges and institutions of Free Market hating leftists. How? Romney needs an Executive Order requiring all federally funded institutions have on staff no more that 50% liberals! That can pink slip about 40% of them currently!


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