You know you’re desperate and pathetic when – You insert yourself into the online White House bios of almost every President in the last nine decades

C’mon Mr. President Seriously?

It is hard to understand how anyone at the White House thought it was a good idea to insert a reference to Barack Obama into items about previous presidents on the official White House website. My first thought was that it was a parody, a stunt intended to satirize Obama’s rampant egotism.

This is like a sitcom that gets funnier and funnier, and more bizarre, every week. What we’re realizing is that not only is Obama a rank amateur but his staff is too! This is a script for a raucous new Eddie Murphy movie being played out before our very eyes. Who would play Joe Biden, the butt of the most humor in the eyes of the public? Hollywood would never dare make the movie because of its immemorial leftist tendencies. I saw a picture of “W” with Romney on the Net and I just felt such a comfort in remembering the solid, masterful presidency of the Texas cowboy who the media and the Democrats ridiculed throughout his presidency but looks in retrospect like a brilliant, forceful leader in contrast to the amateur now in the White House. We just now are realizing how great W was!

Here are some “inserts” that didn’t make the final website cut:

During the Cuban missile crisis a young John F Kennedy sought advice from an even younger citizen of the world, Barrack Obama, on how to proceed. Kennedy took the advice, bowed to the Russians and pulled the missile defense from Turkey. A compliant media then covered it up. These actions have allowed now President Obama to repeat history by bowing to the Russians, removing European missile defense system and a compliant media to cover for him.

While assisting future President Jefferson, Barack Obama helped in writing the Declaration of Independence for the 57 colonies.

On December 6, 1941, FDR and his military chiefs uncovered the fact that the Imperial Japanese Navy was poised to strike Pearl Harbor. Confused and in disagreement over what action to take, FDR called on Barack H Obama promising young lawyer and Harvard Law Review President for advice. Well, being this was in the medieval times before cell phones and PDA’s; they searched high and low. When finally found he was on the 6th Tee at Congressional and told them that he would be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail since the others were letting him play through. After a smashing round where he shot a low 133 and a few ribald jokes at the 19th hole, he called the WH and told them that he was tired and was heading home for some “holding close and making drowsy” with Michelle. Comes with the territory, and that he’d be there first thing in the morning. Well bright and early at 12PM he flipped on the Philco and heard the news that PH was attacked. He immediately contacted CBS, Mutual and NBC and released a statement, laying all the blame on the Hoover Administration. The rest is history.

After Lenin died, Stalin’s portrait was “inserted” into every painting that immortalized scenes from the Great October Revolution. History books were re-written too, everywhere one turned some reference to Stalin’s priceless contribution to history and the new world order could be found. Stalin became suddenly God’s replacement, the Father of the nation, the Generalissimos of all wars. Obama and his henchmen are only second rate imitators at best.


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