Progs/Libs: Are you losing an Argument to a Conservative? Pull out a can of “Racist” and scream at the top of your lungs

Every ill in the world can be traced to a lack of respect. Think about it. Disrespect for your marriage, Disrespect for the innocence of a child, Disrespect for a country’s borders, Disrespect for some else’s possessions, Disrespect for someone’s labor.

Liberals do not respect anyone that has the temerity to disagree with them. Any failure to totally embrace their idiotic ideology makes you a racist, bigoted, homophobic hater. It is rather funny to be called that when the discussion is about drilling in ANWAR.

When liberals call someone a “Racist” or a “Bigot” it usually does not have anything to do with the color of one’s skin, which is what they call someone who simply dares to have a difference of opinion.

If you disagree with a liberal, to them that is the same as “hating” them. They do not understand the basic concept that reasonable people can disagree. When I hear the word “racist” you might as well say “Smurfist”, it has lost all meaning for me. It is like a 3 year old that wants to argue that there is a boogie man in the closet….at some points you tune it out.

It seems to me liberals share certain personality traits that make them behave the way they do. Their politics is an extension of their social behavior: giving unsolicited advice to others, being quick to raise their voices, quick to call names (Bigot!) and use vulgarity, claiming to be insulted when they are the ones who turned a conversation into a shouting match, always getting in the last word.

There is an element of narcissism in today’s liberalism. Those who wear that label strive to be the cool kids, admired for being a member of the in crowd, because being liberal feeds their inner monster, the narcissist who craves attention and admiration. Liberalism is a social identity thing. It makes those who wear the label feel special, elite, enlightened, admirable, and superior. It’s all about feelings, emotions and social alliance-making . . . not about facts.

The 2008 election of Barack Hussein Obama as president has turned Liberals and Democrats of all races into neo-racists. What is a neo-racist, you ask?

Neo-racists label all those who oppose the politics and policies of Hussein Obama as racists.
Neo-racists label all those who don’t ascribe to their definition of “fair” as racists.
Neo-racists label all those who oppose the imposition of socialist/Marxist policies into the American mainstream as racists.
Neo-racists label as racists those who believe the borders of the United States of America are sovereign and that strict immigration law enforcement is the Constitutionally-defined obligation of the Federal government.
Neo-racists label all conservatives and nearly all Republicans as racists.
Neo-racists inject white racism as the causal factor in disputes arising between “people of color” and whites.
Neo-racists re-define racial characteristics to fit their purposes, as in labeling George Zimmerman a “white-Hispanic” (whatever that is.)
Neo-racists defend their own prejudices (and prejudicial decisions) as justified based on past and sometimes-ancient injustices by others against racial groups.
Neo-racists have a core group of race-baiters (Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, et al) that fan the flames of racial hate and division.

Don’t let the neo-racist Left bring you down.


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