Martin Bashir gets squashed by Koch Brothers spokesman during interview.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir invited Koch Industries General Counsel Mark Holden on his program on Thursday where Holden attempted to correct what he described as mischaracterizations that were made about the Kochs by former Democratic strategist Karen Finney. Finney had said that the Koch’s were partially responsible for the murder of Florida teen Trayvon Martin due to their support of Stand Your Ground laws. What followed was a contentious back-and-forth between Holden and Bashir over the political activities of Charles and David Koch.


 Would MesSNBC and CNN PLEASE just say they are in the tank for Obama and be done with it?

 What the heck is this spineless little man doing in front of a camera in the U.S.? Were there no Journalism school graduates applying for the job? If there’s one thing I’d like to see the U.S. export, it would be to round up every talking head with a non-American accent that is employed by any of our networks and put them on a plane to a country of their choice so long as it isn’t anywhere in the U.S.

 Bashir is just about the most annoying individual I’ve ever seen on T.V…. well he runs a close second to Obama, Mathews, Shultz, Maddow, Goldberg, Behar dang the list just goes on and on doesn’t it?

Every attack the liberals have launched against capitalism has failed. Whether it is against the Koch brothers, or Bain Capital, or JP Morgan. Each time the dems vilify these people or companies – it backfires on them. Desperation at the Obama camp is such a fun thing to watch.

 You would think MSNBC had learned the lesson from NBC who DELIBERATELY edited the tapes regarding Zimmerman, but obviously not. So, now, because someone supports a “Stand Your Ground Law”, they are guilty of murder! Desperate reaching is what I call it. Many states have similar laws. The point, here, is that they reached into the air, and pulled out a lie then tried to implicate the Koch Brothers, and by extension, the GOP, guilty, because they support this law. Like the “if you are against illegal aliens, you are a racist”, there is nothing, whatsoever, in common with the subject.

NBC and its affiliates has become a hit squad for the President. No matter how you slice it, they have become media soldiers for the left. The fact that they have singled out individual citizens to launch political attacks is in itself a travesty, but when they continually attack conservatives that are downright reprehensible… The WH makes no disclaimer that NBC is their political mouthpiece, and all the drivel it doles out. As previous posters have mentioned the dishonesty of a publically held network which is supposed to be neutral in its perspective falls way below the standard. Their ratings similarly have too.

What are NBC and its affiliates going to do when the President is dethroned?


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