When will the Lamestream Media stop their creation that is Barack Obama?

The MSM is embarrassed by the fact that they bought a pig in a poke and took it to the prom in 2008 only to discover that it has fooled no one. But, like all good ideologues, rather than admit their mistake they have decided to double down and defend their pig, smearing copious amounts of lipstick on it and trying to convince everyone else that their eyes are lying to them.

It is ironic that they continue trying to use the race card. Race is the only reason Barack Obama got elected. Lots of prominent Obama voters as much as admitted so. So, if I understand it correctly, knowing next to nothing about Obama in 2008 but voting for him anyway because he was black (well, half black, anyway) was cool, hip, and showed how far we’ve come as a culture and nation. But opposing him as an inexperienced “blank slate” (or, as we call it around here, “empty suit”) with a dismal record in the Senate, some troubling past associations and murky history without a mention of his skin color was somehow racist.

What is even harder to accept is that the media since it was called the Press has been a leftist propaganda machine. For most of the last century with a few exceptions the leftist story line has been The Story. They controlled what people knew about the world and everything that happened in it. People believed them because it was all they had.

The facts have always been there, but accessing those facts was almost impossible for most people. The internet changed that. Facts became available to people and the propaganda machine started to be seen for what it is. Clinton is a philandering rapist, but they still pretend it isn’t so. Obama is a racist ideologue being kept in place by careful scripting. but not to the MSM propaganda machine.

The Obama administration is the attempt by the propaganda machine to regain control of the story line. They have put all their effort into keeping him in power because if he has another four years he will attempt to shut down the fact based media. We already see the attacks happening on the first amendment, on the internet and on talk radio. The left took the press, indoctrinated the current “journalists” and used that control of information to set people into a mass mind they defined.

If you think the left will willingly give up that power over people, and then call this a conspiracy theory. 

 Supporters of Obama are in a more favorable position. An opponent has noted the faults of Obamaism and has strived to find a viable alternative, reading articles and critically processing evidence. A supporter of Obama, on the other hand, doesn’t have to do anything. All they have to do is to close their eyes and stop thinking. For a frighteningly large number of people it is simply a contest about who they think is better looking, the evidence has got nothing at all to do with it. Cushioned against critical investigation, all Obama has to do is to brush his teeth and keep appearing on moronic chat shows…


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