Hey GOP in Congress where the hell are the indictments, calls for Impeachment on Obama appointees? DO YOU HAVE AN OUNCE OF COURAGE HERE, WHY DO YOU CATER TO OBAMA AND THE DEMS?

 In 2008 53% wanted “fundamental change”. They voted for Obama. Remember the “culture of corruption” and “draining the swamp” that ushered in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Mark Foley looks pretty benign in comparison to the gangsters running the government today.

The Senate could have stopped at least some of Barack Hussein Obama’s cabinet and czar appointments, they did not even try to stop one. The Senate could have worked to reject his two absurd Supreme Court appointments, they did not even try. The House has had multiple opportunities to take a stand on the budget; they have caved each and every time.

The Republicans ran John McCain in 2008 and don’t make any attempt to replace Mitch McConnell or Cryin’ John Boehner with true constitutional conservatives. They wouldn’t know how to neutralize the media if their lives depended upon it (and, unfortunately, ours do).  Congress could institute impeachment proceedings, it has never been considered. The House talks about contempt citations, and talks, and talks…

No one calls for the removal of Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, or Kathleen Sebelius, to name but the three of the most corrupt cabinet members in history. Holder in particular should be a disgrace to all lawyers (which just confirms what many already think about lawyers), yet the entire “profession” is quiet. Not one Marxocrat has come forward to criticize Barack Hussein Obama or any of his appointments or policies.

The country is not collapsing into a dictatorship solely because of Barack Hussein Obama. It is collapsing into a dictatorship because the people are too ignorant and too lazy to stop it. I’m sorry I don’t remember who said it first, but truly evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

The motives of those in Obama’s administration and his backers are explained by evil and their desire to destroy the freedom America promises. I cannot understand how Congressional members can allow it. It is shocking how far they have let the hateful actions of these rogues go. Are there no good men and women there who put the country first? The media has a big share of the blame on their shoulders too. When things devolve, as I believe they will, at least there will be entertainment in watching them suffer too.

We are facing a deadly situation in these United States. However, how do we convince people of the seriousness of the situation? When I talk about my fears to my family and colleagues, I am laughed at. Even those who claim to be conservative and dislike him simply see him as incompetent and a typical liberal politician. They don’t see a serious threat. Few see the sea change in Executive Power. We are very near a REAL dictatorship, and the ordinary citizen does not recognize the situation. It may already be too late. Our forefathers weep; we may have lost the Constitutional Republic in a brief three years, a historical tragedy.

The last man standing between us and an Obama dictatorship is Mitt Romney. I myself had complaints about Mitt early in the primary process. He was not my choice. But that was then, and this is now. Mitt is literally our last hope, and for any people to say that he is not pure enough, RINO, blah blah blah. It’s either Mitt the American entrepreneur/capitalist, or Obama the American-hating fascist dictator from Kenya. Easy pick, even for the Food Stamp crowd. Let’s saddle up and ride.


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