Here are the real unemployment numbers President Obama… Five Count them Five Million People are no longer looking for work thanks to you

Five million Americans have been thrown under the bus. They are walking around dazed, outcast, and defeated. Worst of all, they are not even counted in official tallies of the unemployed. They are those whom the Obama administration simply wishes to ignore: working-age adults who have dropped out of the labor market completely. They are those for whom the economic recovery underway should have created jobs but has not. Despite Obama’s latest assertion of having created 4 million jobs in the last 26 months, the reality is that in the past two years, 5.4 million workers have left the job market entirely. These are the 5.4 million whom academics like to call “discouraged workers,” and as far as the administration and its media cheerleaders are concerned, they do not exist.

It is time for even the kool aid drinkers to admit that the destruction wrought upon our country is intentional. Always watch what someone does, not what he says and you will see the truth. I can’t think of ONE thing he promised that has come true. Transparency? Cut the deficit? No lobbyists influence in the Whitehouse? Five days of a bill online to read before passing? Pass the stimulus, unemployment will be below 8% – true figures closer to 20%!

This is the most corrupt, crony capitalism loving administration we have ever had. Unfortunately, too many people still get their “news” from mainstream media which continues to carry their water and totally misrepresent the truth.

Anyone who still believes these people are ignorant is blind. They are very smart and are accomplishing their New World Order goal of destroying America as sure as the sun rises in the east. Presidential / Executive orders are the way of rule now, completely bypassing Congress. The constitution is shredded daily with their actions. AGENDA 21 is in full development.
I am pretty sure that any attempt to show positive GDP is purposefully fraudulent.

In fact, you do not need to visit any government website in order to ascertain the health of the American economy – just drive around with your eyes to your local business districts.

Some of the vacant storefronts are as a result of the normal ebb and flow of business, but so very many are as a direct result of the crushing burdens that were placed upon the deceased businesses by government fiat.

It is government, local, state, federal, that is killing us. Witness that the only sector of the economy that is actually growing is the government sector. The richest counties in America are now those that suckle at the teat of Washington DC.

Does this not remind you of a body being devoured by a ruthless, malignant cancer? It does to me.

President Barack Hussein Obama is to blame for some of this, certainly. But there are plenty of others that are every bit as guilty – and you can bet your bottom dollar that they inhabit a certain political party and subscribe to a certain political ideology.

Until such time as we undo this Gordian knot of government, we will continue to languish is what can only be categorized as a full-fledged depression.


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