Would Obama S**t Can Joey “McMensa” Biden for Hillary?

Would Hillary Clinton “take one for the team” in order to keep democrats in the White House?   The only way I see Obama winning another term is to shake up the race with a wild card such as Hillary.  It just depends on how bad she wants to be President someday.  If she were to run with Obama this round and he continues on the path he is on, the democrats will not see another White House for generations.

Any nation that would elect a ticket of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton is lost and deserves its fate. Just as BJ Clinton said in ’92 – two for the price of one, only this time it would be two Alinsky Marxists for the same vote. Surely the nation sees it is time to get beyond the Alinsky crowd as effective or desirable government? As far as 2016, the nation has to survive until then. Obama, if he is re-elected, may decide the 22nd Amendment is as ignorable as the rest of them, elections are no longer necessary, and declare Sasha or Malia his designated successor. Hillary, on the other hand, will be five years older, and she is unlikely to get any more attractive than she currently isn’t. Biden, whether he stays, goes, or goes to another government parasite job, will remain the dumbest man in whatever position he occupies, including retirement. The Obama regime needs to be soundly defeated, or it likely will be impossible for the nation to survive a second term of these corrupt career criminals.

However, it will be interesting to see how both of them explain our faltering jobless economy, our massive and crippling national debt, our dead housing market, and our out of control spending. Our debt is approaching 17,000,000,000,000 and growing by 12 billion dollars every day.

America is in decline and will sink further if Obama and Biden continue their blind, Marxist policies that are killing growth and business. We need a new hope and change strategy that can reverse this disaster.

Dumping Biden wouldn’t be portrayed as admitting a mistake. Especially if he swapped places with Hillary and became Secretary of State. Foreign policy was supposedly his area of expertise. It will be like Condi Rice switching from National Security advisor to Secretary of State. While only hardcore Hillary supporters will be excited, the media will have success convincing people that it’s a big deal. They’ll do their best to make it a race about the VP’s and Hillary’s “vast experience as a First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State” compared to Romney’s VP pick, instead of making the race about Obama and his terrible record. 


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