CNN’s Ratings continue to go down the S***ter

Huffington Post

CNN’s ratings problems just keep getting worse.

The network had its lowest-rated month in over a decade in April. That prompted stern warnings from the top that CNN has to improve its numbers.

Yet Tuesday brought the dispiriting news that CNN had its lowest-rated week in primetime in a staggering 20 years last week. Just 395,000 people tuned in to watch Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan. The total day numbers were not much better: CNN had its third-worst week since 1997.

You may not watch CNN, but if the outlets available on your cable package, chances are you are helping to keep them in business. Most cable stations and I would guess CNN is among them, receive money based on how many subscribers purchase packages that include their network.  That is why CNN continues to make money.

Bundled cable is one of the greatest rackets in the history of entertainment. Hopefully, the miracle of streaming will end this con as people leave cable and as a result stop supplementing outlets like CNN that would be in a lot more trouble surviving on advertising alone.

 The problems of CNN are twofold.  First, they sound like NPR. Boring. Droning on and on and on. Five year plans. Crop reports. Interview with the new director of a hydroelectric dam. Steel ingot production. Okay, I’m thinking of old Soviet TV, but you get the picture. Not much difference. But the second problem is even larger: their talking heads. Here’s the test: would you invite a CNN newsreader into your home? Cooper? That supercilious Twit-Brit Morgan? Any of the women? The perpetually befuddled Wolf Blitzer? Now ask yourself the same question about Fox. As a rule, the FOX people are far more personable. You feel like you know them because they remind you of people you like. Now Cooper is a nice enough fellow, but I don’t think I’d want him in my house, sitting in a chair, staring at me, and wondering…maybe…hopefully…longingly… The only reason I’d let Morgan in my house is so I could have the pleasure of kicking his smug behind back out the door. Blitzer reminds me of a law professor I once had who used to furtively break wind in front of the class. Out…to…lunch. This was why Walter Cronkite was so successful. He was everyone’s favorite uncle. Cronkite would be good company and a good conversationalist. I have a friend who loves CNN, for one reason. When guests overstay their welcome, he switches it on. “I just have to see if Obama is still going down in the polls…” He’s timed it. Guests never stay for more than one cycle between commercial blocks. CNN makes them get up and leave, every time.

CNN’s liberal bias is why they have low ratings. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. The oh woe is me liberal are too busy watching the other group of loser lefties on PMSNBC. And most leftie liberals are too busy watching dancing with the stars anyway.

And to think that a Metro-sexual is going to produce more ratings just goes against the grain of what is typical apple pie America.

And they all get SMOKED by Fox. Because Fox is watched by the working class whom the government is robbing and their audience gets more of the real facts rather than some false leftie bleeding heart liberal station that’s in the tank for the leftie president.

 When I first started watching CNN it was because it was the only 24/7/365 news available. Of course it was left leaning even then. It was created by Ted Turner after all.

Some of their crazy left audience has been peeled off by the certifiable un or under medicated hosts on MSNBC. Other viewers have “evolved” — through the aging process — into moderates or conservatives. 


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