It’s simple really: Ignorance + Narcissism = American Liberal

This was posted by “The Raven” on a Fox Nation post regarding how Rush Limbaugh’s Ratings Dip was actually a lie perpetrated by, huh yeah go figure.  It is an excellent post and I am proud to share it with y’all.

Lies and propaganda work with liberals, because the vast majority of liberals are lemmings who read the first headlines, and never pay attention to the correction that comes later, or they never come into contact with a source that will provide them with the truth.

Liberals tend to be narcissists. So the truth isn’t nearly as important to them as any information that supports a point of view that helps them believe that they’re good or successful. Reality and fact is only important to a narcissist when that fact is something that supports their point of view.

The entire “self-esteem” movement in public schools was established by liberal politicians and union goons to weaken Americans, and make them averse to fact and logic. That is why we see this wave of liberalism among America’s youngest adults fresh out of high school.

Liberals hate Fox News because they hate any source of information that runs counter to the information sources they use to support their fragile and artificially inflated egos. Their narcissistic tendencies force them to purposefully avoid news sources where they might be confronted with information that harms their false self-portrait.

This is also why liberals tend to hate high achievers, like self-made men, beautiful and successful conservative women, patriotic military troops, and self-confident, independent people. When a liberal stands before someone like a military officer in uniform, they are forced to confront a reality about their own inadequacy that they cannot stand. So, rather than being humble enough to admit the truth about themselves and admire high achievers, they find some reason to attack them….”they’re fat,”…”they’re stupid,”….”they’re corrupt,”…anything they can find to cut that high-achiever down, so as to help the liberal feel better about himself.

This is also the reason why, whenever you confront a liberal with facts in a debate that their first response is to call you names. Because to a liberal, the truth is an attack upon the source of their false self-esteem.

When a conservative is confronted with information that challenges something he/she believed, we tend to investigate the information we had, and the new information we’ve been provided, and try to determine which is correct. When a liberal is confronted with information that challenges what they believe their reaction is immediate, and emotional.

When you wonder why the conversation in America has become so hateful and vitriolic, look to our public schools. Because this is where young people are taught to deal with each other, and deal with facts that run counter to their personal beliefs. Public schools are the place where Americans are being taught that to be a “good person” you have to believe in certain points of view. Public schools are where young Americans are being taught that self-esteem trumps truth and virtue.

Remember that teacher that got recorded this past couple weeks yelling in the classroom at that high school student who criticized Obama… She is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. This isn’t an isolated incident. This is not just “happening” in public schools. Public education is literally indoctrinating American children into narcissism. This teacher wasn’t just the problem…she was also the “victim” of what I’m talking about. Her ridiculous response to that student’s comments wasn’t a problem of simple ignorance….that was “ego” doing the talking.

Narcissism is like a virus. The more who are infected with it the more damage will be done to our culture and our nation. But narcissism is the core and the life-blood of liberalism.

Without “ignorance” and “narcissism” in America the Democrat Party cannot survive.


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