Gay Marriage: Behind the Smoke, Mirrors and Bully Intimidation

The two major impediments to rapid radical political and social change are the institutions of marriage, and religion. Both institutions tend to stabilize the social structure on which our society depends. Thus the Left has been effectively attacking both for nearly 60-odd years.

If Leftists truly had their way, both institutions would be merely swept away. Thus clearing the way for the establishment of that great socialist utopia that the Left is yearning for. The problem for the Left however, is that the benighted masses, still cling to these ‘oppressive’ institutions, even though in the eyes of the Left, the ‘proles’ would be better off without them. So what to do? Well rather than to attempt to sweep away both marriage and religion, the Left can do the next best thing. First, redefine and thus undermine the institution of marriage to the point of insufficiency so that it can no longer stand in the way of rapid revolutionary change. Second, marginalize our religious institutions so that they’re no longer influential in defining our moral and ethical foundation. Thus the Left will redefine for the masses just what would be considered right and wrong. These new moral guidelines will thus be tailored and harnessed to support the goals of the ‘revolution’.

Sadly the Left has been quite successful at chipping away at both marriage and religion over the past six decades. And conservatives have generally allowed them to get away with it. Perhaps now conservatives will not just merely stand up and shout ‘No!!!’, but begin pushing back, and pushing back HARD! Our society, our future, our very existence may depend on it.

The gay community should be careful for what it wishes. Divorce, child custody, and infidelity can be part of a marriage. It will be interesting to see how divorce courts handle child support payments and alimony. I am curious to see to see how adopted children of gay couples will turn out as adults. Will they thank mom and dad, or will they curse them for a life of teasing and ridicule? Well, let’s forget about the needs of the children, gay marriage is just too important right now.

There are three main attack vectors used by the utopian/authoritarian/racialist left:

1. Attacking private property
2. Attacking Christianity
3. Attacking the family

Since the homo “sexual” agenda fits with 2 and 3 at the same time, it’s a “two for one” in the eyes of the left and will be aggressively used by them for its “bang for the buck”.

Know them. Fight them. At every turn, at every corner, with every message.


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