What hath President Obama wrought onto all of us?

What has Barack the imposter wrought? We don’t even know his true life story, where he was born, who is father is, whether he was adopted by Soetoro, who paid his college tuition, who paid his way to Pakistan, who he met with, or why he went there, nor his college grades, nor his medical records, nor his work records. He made it to the Presidency, but his records are locked tighter than a KGB vault.

He has brought misery. People are losing their houses and their cars in spite of (how many) bail out programs. There are no jobs; only food stamps, welfare, and disability.

He has unaccountable czars running and doing who knows what. It’s a shadow government, neither confirmed, nor vetted. Only Van Jones was dispatched when it was revealed that he was a communist. Remember it was Valerie Jarrett who said she had been watching Van and admiring him for a long time. Valerie is Barack’s closest and most trusted adviser.

Lies heaped upon lies. Even the book jacket contradicts Barack. Social unrest, including black militancy, even at polling places. Open admiration for OWS. Sleazy associations: Rev. Wright (G-d America), Calypso Louie, Fr. Pflager, B. Dohrn & B. Ayres, and Rashid Kahlidi.

Now the crowds have thinned. Hope N Change has been revealed as Rope-A-Dope and Chains. There is no hope on Barack’s horizon; only desolation. He demonizes the very same people he shills for campaign funds from. It’s gotten so bad, that he’s getting blowback from fellow Democrats (until they’re taken to woodshed for repentance and reeducation).

It is NOT the job of the President to create jobs and redistribute wealth. We are heading for Armageddon if we accept such a flawed Marxist premise. The job of the President is to be Commander-in-Chief protecting the nation and to carry out the laws passed by the Legislature; Period, paragraph, end of story. Once you accept this Marxist premise, then you accept a PLANNED ECONOMY. That is our problem. Mitt Romney and PRIVATE EQUITY firms use PRIVATE FUNDS. They operate in the capitalist free market economy where people invest their own time and money to create innovative solutions and products.  Obama and Chu are operating a fascist PLANNED ECONOMY where he decides if we should drive an electric car, pay triple for our energy to use solar panels, buy health insurance he dictates and accept whatever medical treatment King Sebelius decides, has regulators make it impossible for small PRIVATE business to compete against government controlled monopolies.  When we accept the correct premise that only in a socialist PLANNED ECONOMY does the Dictator create jobs, redistribute wealth and make public investments with public money as the rule, we lose American Exceptionalism

What has Obama TRULY given us?…verbal flatulence delivered with a smarmy false sense of superiority, punctuated by gaffes demonstrating ignorance of basic English, history and geography, all while digging a debt hole big enough to swallow our children and grandchildren.

Shame on ALL of us to let our fallen soldiers down and letting the Media Creation called Barack Hussein Obama come into power.


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