Jay Carney Doubles Down on Obama Spending Fairy Tale Bulls**t

Yes Jay your boss inherited the largest deficit at the TIME on 1/20/09 from George W Bush.  That is a given.  Why didn’t someone in this Brainiac administration think to maybe, just maybe either cut the spending or at the very least KEEP the spending at 2008 levels, instead of continuing to spend like Drunken Sailors on Leave – all due respect to Drunken Sailors.

Graphs don’t lie son and the GOP has a nice one for you:

 The sad thing is that with this type of wild ass spending Barack Obama should have been thinking seriously about pulling a “Lyndon B Johnson” and taking himself out of the race.  Nope, not BHO, not the Anointed One, not the Media Creation of CNNNBCCBSMSNBCABC and Oprah Winfrey.  Can’t have that.  The Emperor needs to have another four years to prove conclusively without a doubt that he really has no F***KING clothes.


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