Romney clinches the Republican Nomination for President – Now it is time to kick some ass out of the White House.

Fox News:

Thanks to Texas, Mitt Romney can finally drop the word “presumptive” from his title.

More than five years after launching his first campaign for the presidency, the former Massachusetts governor on Tuesday night clinched the Republican nomination by winning the largely uncontested Texas primary, the Associated Press projected.

The achievement completes what for Romney has been an arduous process of winning over skeptical conservatives and projecting himself as the party’s most competitive choice for taking on President Obama in the fall.

The former Massachusetts governor surpassed the 1,144-threshold to become the nominee by winning at least 88 delegates in Texas, according to the Associated Press tally. The victory is a formality, as most of his Republican opponents had long since peeled away from the race – and then gradually crossed over to endorse Romney.

First, NO GENTLEMAN JOHN McCAIN THIS TIME!!! One of the reasons why John McCain lost in 2008 is because he refused to call Obama a community organizer who incited good/hard working /religious minorities to riot in the streets of Chicago to topple the Republic. This agitation was developed by Saul Alinsky a Bolshevik transplanted to America and Alinsky was a traitor. By not telling the public that Obama is a Marxist/Leninist, John McCain lost the election and did America a horrible disservice.

Romney should it make it clear, and repeatedly hammer, that the imbecilic Keynesian/Socialist Policies of Obama that throw the future of this nation under a bus are responsible for the lengthening of the recession.

He should make it clear that it is counter to our interests as a nation for our government to interfere in the markets to the extent that it is.

Mitt Romney should run a campaign built around the idea that government needs to find its various weed-like pestilence-spreading branches trimmed.

The time for compromise is past, the Democrats and their ideology are the antithesis of everything that is American. They realize this and have a hooligan-ian model that will continue to attempt to usurp any change we propose into a synthesis that FAILS TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Instead of standing around picking our arses while the Democrats and their allies continue to undermine the walls of this Republic we need to counter their efforts to destroy us, and that means that trying to play nice must be discarded, especially as a lot of their “leaders” can only be described as traitors, not just because of their philosophy, but because they seek to apply it here where it is anathema to everything that this Republic was meant to stand for.

No, now is the time to make it clear that we will settle for nothing less than their proverbial heads on pikes on the White House Lawn.

This Obamination must be repudiated totally and completely. Anything less will allow the Dems and MSM to cry racism and voter corruption. Romney and the Republican House and Senate must have an unmistakable mandate to destroy the Socialist web of deceit built over the last 40 years.

We must beat him in a landslide to take away any chance for a recounted. George Soros has been working on his Sec of State project for 4 years. It’s not who gets the most votes it’s who’s counting them. Besides voter fraud will reach epic proportions this election cycle.

To quote El Rushbo: “Not only is Obama beatable, he’s landslide able beatable.” 


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