The Obama Reign of Error must be Demolished to a Pulp

In 2008, FAR TOO MANY Americans viewed the election as just another episode of The Bachelor or American Idol. They wanted to make history and they wanted very badly TO BELIEVE. Obama’s handlers provided them with the blank slate upon which to inscribe their own bit of history in the way that television would have done.

The “show” they saw play out was one of racial polarization and payback, arrogance, deception, incompetence and utter disdain for our people and our way of life.

Americans better recognize the difference between reality TV and reality this time. To repeat this mistake for selfish amusement will carry tragic consequences for our country.

I think it’s quite possible Obama loses quite badly in the Electoral College while still winning the popular vote due to heavy support in California and New York, Massachusetts and Illinois, Maryland and most of New England. If the rest of the country chooses sanity but by closer margins, the massive number of individual votes going to Obama in Deep Blue, voter-heavy states can really cause problems for a Romney presidency.

If I were Romney, I’d campaign like hell in Cali, Illinois and NY. He’s going to lose those states, but he can make up a lot of popular votes by campaigning strongly there. Bush was hated by so many Dems because they felt their guy had won fair and square, rules be damned. Romney can get the popular vote. If he wins without it, it will play havoc with his administration. If he takes a big bite out of Obama’s coastal dominance, he will win the popular vote.

It is a mistake to write off the big blue states and go only for swings and potential battlegrounds like PA, WI and MN. Republicans swept PA in 2010, and we’ve gotten stronger since. We can get PA for Romney. Scott Walker can get Wisconsin for Romney–especially if Romney takes up Walker’s reforms and makes them a national priority. I think there’s an outside chance Michigan has even had enough blue punishment by now–but who knows with Detroit’s motley collection of human debris?

California is circling the drain, and its people are voting madly for destruction. Yet there are many who will pull the lever for Romney. He can increase that amount with a smart campaign there that isn’t too costly and makes great use of in-state volunteers. Republicans in California are a demoralized group, and many figure going to the polls is a waste of time. If we can get Californians who oppose Obama to catch the vision of why it is important to make a strong showing even in the face of inevitable loss, we might be able to rescue the country from a civil war

Stop watching the MSM, Hollywood trash and 0bama! Collectively, we Americans made a mistake in 2008 by electing Obama to the White House. That’s going to be corrected soon! Americans are good people and we all know it! We are the greatest nation to ever exist, and that says a lot since Great Britain set a petty high standard that we superseded! Where will you GO after the 0bama nightmare? Stay where you are and do YOUR PART in reconstructing our Republic and returning COMMONS SENSE GOVERNMENT to the people of this great nation, opposed to the Chicago Thug Obama Clique.


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