Mitt Romney proves that this will NOT be a rerun of the John McCain campaign in ’08 and Visits the Poster Child for Obama FAIL Solyndra

 In a very savvy political move, Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop at the bankrupt ($500 million at taxpayer’s expense) Solyndra plant today. The stop was kept secret until Romney’s arrival.

At a fund-raiser in the San Francisco area Wednesday night, Mr. Romney again talk about the solar panel company, portraying the president as a failed venture capitalist who unsuccessfully tried to have government pick winners and losers.

“Have you seen the Solyndra corporation headquarters? You probably have,” Mr. Romney asked the crowd. “That’s what happens when government puts in hundreds of millions of dollars into an enterprise. And by the way, the president doesn’t understand when you invest like that in one solar energy company; it makes it harder for solar technology generally because the scores of other entrepreneurs in the solar field suddenly lost their opportunity to get capital. Who wants to put money into a solar company when the government puts half a billion into one of its choice? So instead of encouraging solar energy, he discouraged it.”

 For those worried that Romney’s campaign would be similar to McCain’s failed campaign in 2008, yet another sign you have no reason to worry. Romney’s going to do what’s needed to win back the White House and not put up with BS from Obama and the mainstream media.

Solyndra is more than a failed company. It’s an icon the represents everything wrong with Obama’s policies; from the idea that government can manipulate, to the idea of corrupt and porky payoffs to cronies, to the spendaholic waste of taxpayer money, to the incompetent and ignorance of how markets work.

It is another example proving that Obama and his gang have absolutely no idea what they are doing. While Obama has been bashing Romney’s career at Bain Capital as killing jobs and companies, Solyndra is the poster child for job killing. With the $535 million, 1,100 employees lost their jobs. That means that those 1,100 jobs cost us close to $49,000 each — that does not count the costs of their unemployment and other social programs like food stamps. What happened to the more than half-billion bucks — it went into the pockets of the honchos at the company, who of course contributed to the Obama campaign.

Romney could likely offer them solid advice on how to turn that failure around into a successful company; but since from the beginning Solyndra was set up as a scam to fleece US taxpayers out of millions of dollars (and sent a good part of it as “campaign contributions” to Obama) they are not going to be interested in sound business advice.

That and all the “green” failures Obama “invested” taxpayer money in cannot be turned around. For the time being they are nothing more than bottomless money pits. That’s why Romney would never put a dime into these frauds.

Solyndra shows that apparently the Obama administration likes to lose $535M, this company had NO chance of survival, burned through that money in 18 months despite the warnings from the previous administration who choose NOT to give them any money at all.

Way to go, Team Romney!

Unlike Team Obama, you understand that yes, this is OUR money that Obama is throwing around, and yes, we do have a right to know all the ugly details…

Ignore Obama, Axelrod, and Plouffe. They are irrelevant to this conversation in that they won’t be contributing any statements of fact or truth…

Keep bringing it…!


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