John “$400 Haircut, Two Americas” Edwards Campaign Finance Trial declared a Mistrial – Admits Moral Failing

ABC News

A North Carolina jury found former Sen. John Edwards not guilty today on one of six counts in a campaign-finance trial, and declared itself hopelessly deadlocked on the remaining charges, leading the judge to declare a mistrial on those counts.

Edwards, a two-time presidential candidate, accused of soliciting nearly $1 million from wealthy backers to finance a cover up of his illicit affair and illegitimate child during his 2008 bid for the White House, was found not guilty on count 3 of the six-part indictment. That count pertained only to whether Edwards illegally received several hundred thousand dollars in donations from wealthy heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon to cover up the affair in 2008.

Following the verdict, Edwards, who remained silent throughout the trial, gave an emotional speech on the courthouse steps. He acknowledged his moral shortcomings and thanked his children, dramatically pausing when mentioning 4-year-old Frances Quinn, the child he fathered with his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Let him go, no retrial.  If he has a conscience or a soul John Edwards will spend the rest of his life writhing in emotional pain of the embarrassment he brought on his late wife, Elizabeth, his family and himself.

THE SAD NEWS is apparent on the face of John’s dad. I’m willing to bet the mother at dads left, NEVER SAID NO to lil Johnny. Meanwhile, dad couldn’t pull his pants up and take a stand against mom’s indulgences for her son and you now see an old man with a face FULL OF REGRETS. Meanwhile, look at mom; she looks as if she remains clueless. Now, consider the lives of the rich or famous and the fact that many of these kids were never PARENTED. They were given boatloads of STUFF without paying a price for any of it. They are told by their parents whenever they do WRONG, “Don’t worry, you are going to do great things and go places!” What you end up with is a child who will live like a reprobate and justify it because it is doing some good stuff. It’s called “self-justification” and Washington is FULL of these types. Now, give the same kid a degree in LAW and the possibilities are unlimited, yes?

In the wonderful world of the liberals, this trial has earned Mr. Edwards the “street cred” he needs in order to be appointed to a teaching position (ethics?) at some “prestigious” liberal university, his own news hour on CNN or MSNBC, or perhaps a Soros sponsored “think” tank. What a great country where we have two Americas.

The worst thing that can happen to liberalism is happening; people are waking up to what it represents. Lifelong dems are bolting the party, unions are imploding, Walker and Brown are going to win, oblundercare is going to lose, and CNN and M0veon dot org will likely be shutting their doors anytime. Thanks libs, thank you for just being yourselves, your arrogant, authoritarian, insane selves.


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