Sarah Jessica Parker wants YOU to have dinner with her, some crazed Hollywood Liberal Moonbats and The Obamas

ABC News

 The Obama campaign tonight aired its first national TV ad of the election cycle — a 30-second spot on the MTV Network that features actress Sarah Jessica Parker plugging President Obama’s record and soliciting donations for a campaign sweepstakes.

“OK, the guy who ended the war in Iraq; the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want; the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy — President Obama — and his wife Michelle are coming to my house for dinner on June 14th,” Parker says to camera.

“And I want you to be there too. But, you have to go to for a chance to win and the contest ends tomorrow night. So go right here right now because we need him and he needs us.”

No Thank you Ms. Parker. ‘He’ may need us but there are a lot more of the ‘we’ don’t need him for another 4 years folks out there. Keep your calendar open this fall so you can help him pack up the family for the move back to Chicago.


 1) Obama didn’t end the Iraq war; that was already in the plan before he took office. The only difference was that Obama chose to tell the enemy when we were leaving.

2) Obama didn’t create any jobs other than government jobs we didn’t need  Private sector is the only one creating real jobs in spite of the damage done by this moron and his buddies

3) So Obama wants us all to be able to marry whom we choose, and he wants all women to be able to have abortions on demand, paid for by the taxpayers, but he and his wife Michelle and his big brother and big sister staff wants us all to quit sugar, and to allow the government to tell us what we can feed our kids, and to tell us what we should and should not be eating? I think something is wrong with this picture.

This is both sad and scary…sad that the administration is already turning to Hollywood, sad that a President is apparently agreeing to dine with a “contest winner” with so much going wrong in the country…this past week with stock market sliding, homes numbers tumbling, and jobs report in the toilet, the President responded by HOPPING A JET AND MAKING 6 OR SO CAMPAIGN STOPS!! Whatever happened to going to work in the old’ White House?? I know, I know…sooo boring and there are no celebrities there!!!

These people live in a fantasy world the same world as Obama. They have no clue what it’s like in the real world. They wipe their butts with money and could care less about the average person… UNLESS it’s to see one of their movies. To make more money then you’re important. 

They preach against capitalism but how many of them have become rich from it??? How many stories have we heard and read that they struggled to make ends meet in the lean times. They seem to forget those times .and what it was like to work for what they have Not like this president who wants to give everything to everybody who wants it because “it’s a right and it the fair” How about earning it and not being handed it!

He associated with America hating radicals. He is constantly campaigning and going to high dollar dinners ($40000/plate) at some celebrity’s home; his face is always on the TV on some late night show, or the view or some other such garbage show. Remember Solyndra and Jeffrey Immelt (GE)??? This is just another example of using celebrities and other out of touch people to pander to those who think this is cool.

SJP is helping Obama to undermine America’s greatness. They want a society where anything is permitted and the very foundations that our country was founded on are knocked down, so that they can start celebrating their immorality and wicked socialist paradise. They’re all working for a ONE GLOBAL SOCIETY, ruled by the very wealthy and corrupt of the world.

It just goes to show you who supports this horrid man. I mean really, these women begging for $$ for the great Obama. I would love to win the dinner though at Sara Jessica Parker’s house. Here are a few questions I would ask:

How can you support a man who wants America to fail?
How can you support a man who has done nothing for the economy but rip it to shreds?
How can you support a man who does not care that millions have lost their jobs, homes, and way of life?
How can he go golfing every weekend while millions are out of work?
How can his “precious” wife keep going on lavish trips with her children, mother & other family members while millions of Americans are trying to keep their homes, put food on the table & just survive?

Just when you thought Obama and his team of Dips couldn’t get more pathetic.


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