Congratulations Mr. President on Killing Al-Qaeda #2 with a Drone Missile – YES, I’M SERIOUS

Fox News

The LATE Abu Yadya Al-Libi aka Al-Qaeda #2

Abu Yahya Al-Libi, a top Al Qaeda operative was killed in a U.S. drone strike  Monday, Fox News confirms.

Al-Libi, known as a rock star in the jihadist world with his videos and  lectures going viral on the Web, was the intended target of the strike, U.S.  officials said.

The strikes have been increasingly unpopular among Pakistanis, but successful  in recent years at taking out terrorist leaders.

Pakistan has evidence that Al-Libi was in a house hit by the U.S. drone  strike, but it was initially unclear whether he was killed.

A U.S. official later confirmed his death.

“Abu Yahya was among al-Qaeda’s most experienced and versatile leaders,” the  official said. He “played a critical role in the group’s planning against the  West, providing oversight of the external operations efforts.”

U.S. officials originally said they were “optimistic” Al-Libi was among the  eight militants reportedly killed in the strike in the tribal region of North  Waziristan.They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the classified nature  of the drone program.

Militants and residents in the area told Pakistani agents that al-Libi was in  the house when it was hit, said intelligence officials, also speaking on  condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the  media.

Again, I hope your 72 virgins all look like Barney Frank. 

The Drone Missile Program is about the only thing I agree with in the Obama Administration.  Sorry, no there are matters like the economy, mortgaging my and everyone kids future with the debt you created, selective sex abortions, Fast and the Furious, Solyndra, Unemployment rate, Crippling small businesses with regulation after regulation and about 100,000 other things you have done wrong that still makes me NOT want to vote for you.

If anyone else has something to add that Obama has done wrong please feel free to comment.  Thanks.


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