WI Unions Temper Tantrum on WI Governor Walker Hopefully ends today in a complete, humiliating, ball crushing victory for the Governor

I never understood this from the beginning Governor Walker saw a problem and others and did something about it. The result of one of those problems was something that the over indulged unions really found to be too much. Well it was a hard decision but the RIGHT thing for the Governor to do. Now after spending millions of dollars of dues paying members the thugs at the top of the union food chain are about to see the result of a sissy fit for naught. The same goes for a president that is fixated on the job he took over and will not stop blaming the last guy for what he said he would turn around. Instead the nation is in worse shape than it was four years ago and he still beats a dead horse, claiming that it will come around, it just needs more time. Well while the flies are eating, his leadership just gets worse, and the nation led by this inept loser still believes that his horse will win the Triple Crown, well I say in a pig’s eye it will.

Small wonder Marxists hate him.

I mean that literally rather than ironically. There are no Marxist success stories for Marxists to brag about. The record is of poverty, political police, devalued currencies, political prisons, deepening poverty, show trials, secret executions, mass murder, (most frequently by starvation,) heavily patrolled borders to keep citizens from escaping, rigid social stratification and special privileges for the elite, still more poverty, et cetera.

How could anyone adopt such a repugnant ideology? The world over, it’s been the short road to absolute power for the most fortunate few.


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