Watch MesSNBC “Hosts” cry in their collective beer over Scott Walker Victory


C’mon Rachel Maddow had chocolate for dinner.  Called at 48 minutes?  She wanted to stay on all night until the Today Show;  WTF WI voters?


The IDIOTS like Special Ed, Payton Manning, uh I mean Rachel Maddow, and that socialistic clown Larry thought this recall was as good as done with all the yelling, screaming, and jumping up and down the union paid protesters were doing. But in the end, it was the silent majority. You know, the people who have jobs and families to support that can’t afford to march in the streets and create a ruckus on TV that made their voices heard!!!

WI spoke, and spoke LOUD!! Walker is good!!

To say that (1) Walker “squeaked” by in a decision called in LESS THAN ONE HOUR and that (2) it was a good night for Obama (of all people) tells you exactly how STUPID these lib networks believe their diehard viewers are. Are there any libs here with enough sense to be insulted by all that delusional spin, and honest enough to admit it?

That’s some funny stuff! How does a clown like Ed Schultz get a career in broadcasting? He’s neither articulate, intelligent nor telegenic. And ratings are awful. Yet, he’s got his own show? WTF! The funny thing is that it would not be surprising to see MSNBC getting a ratings boost from all the conservatives who tuned in last night to laugh at the misery of its various prog hosts.

Splice in footage of the moonbat crying “democracy died tonight” and cap the finale off with Barrett getting slapped in the face and you win an Oscar with this video.


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