YES!!! Score one for the Good Guys – WI Governor Scott Walker humiliates Progressives, Liberals, Democrats and Unions in Recall Election

Fox News Channel

Wisconsin residents on Tuesday voted in favor of keeping GOP Governor Scott Walker in a recall election organized after he eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees to cut a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.

Fox News called the race shortly before 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

Walker in surviving the recall election beat back a challenge by Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The recall effort started about 18 months after the first-term governor eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees, in an effort to cut Wisconsin’s multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.

Democrats and unions argued that Walker had gone too far, and then helped organize massive statehouse protests and gather 900,000 signatures for the recall vote. The effort began shortly after the state legislature agreed last year to Walker’s proposal, which also requires most public state workers to pay more for health insurance and pension benefits.

First I have a question for all of you who voted against Governor Walker: Where was YOUR president when you needed him? Do you see now what he really thinks of you? You amounted to a 13-word tweet on his Twitter account. But have no fear. He’ll show up before November 6th, hat in hand, patting you on the head, telling you how important you are, and, of course, begging for your money and your votes. Funny though. After he gets them, he always forgets to say, “So long, sucker. You’re on your own now.”

You can’t overstate the magnitude of this victory. If someone told me four years ago that Wisconsin could be flipped from blue to red, I would have suggested a change in their medication. Wisconsin is now very much in play in November. You’d also have to think that many other Midwestern states are trending red also, except of course Illinois. I believe that this victory still won’t penetrate Little Barry’s alternate universe. He and his brain-dead fanatics will stay in denial and I’m hoping they stay that way until November. It will make the victory so much more resounding and sweeter.

It would seem the union thugs efforts to strong arm the election by bringing busloads of MI union workers into vote (which is illegal) only served to make the real residents of WI that much more determined to get out there and stand up for what’s right. All of you liberal loon union supporters just did exactly as was predicted. You cut your own throats. I hope that spending 64 million dollars in this feeble attempt at hijacking the governor’s authority was worth it. You can always move to Chicago. Note to liberals: We had enough of your underhanded Bulls**t and come January you can all move to China along with your chosen one when we take back the country!

It’s past time to tear down the wall of progressive hypocrisy that as infected the nation. Governor Walker’s victory in Wisconsin is but the first hammer blow to that wall. It is somewhat appropriate that the people reaffirmed President Reagan’s ideas on the anniversary of his death.

 “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan.


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