Bad Week for Barack Obama and his Merry Democrats, have they reached the Final Frontier?

Wisconsin was a shot in the arm for Mitt Romney. If he and his team sit down with the GOP’s top elections expert, Michael Barone, and examine the results carefully, the conclusion is that Wisconsin is very, very winnable. Especially with Bill Clinton coming in to slice the king’s Achilles tendon at the exact most opportune time to hobble The One’s reelection campaign.

The message was from Clinton to Democrats: dump this fool.

Wisconsin is a going concern for the Tea Party, and Wisconsin Tea Party recruiting for the fall will get a huge shot in the arm from last night’s result, as right-thinking people all over the Badger State realize they can be absolutely pivotal in removing the Communist-In-Chief from the Oval Orifice.

In PA in 2010 they whipped the Democrats so soundly that nobody thinks Obama’s unbeatable here. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with rowdy homegrown Tea Party organizations driving the phones, the precinct walks, the GOTV and the messaging to our friends and neighbors, can be Obama’s Waterloo. He knows if he loses our two states he’s toast, and he wasn’t planning to spend his hundreds of millions of campaign dollars here. Now he’s going to have to–and the battlegrounds of Florida and Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, Montana and New Mexico, New Hampshire, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri…they’ll just have to wait their turn.

Does ANYBODY think “Occupy Wall Street” types will be walking precincts in support of the other side? And if a smelly, lazy jerk with a selfish attitude and ten visible body piercings knocked on your door, wouldn’t you be inclined to vote for whomever that nasty hippie was opposing?

This is where the Tea Party rubber meets the road. And the tire tracks are going straight over the top of David Axelrod, who can’t handle the truth.

For all of his candidacy and a good part of his presidency, Captain Barry commanded a Starship Obama that has had deflector shields on maximum and the required cloaking device fully operational. Then something miraculous happened…the shields started to lower and the cloaking device malfunctioned. He started taking significant political hits from dogged pundits, the indefatigable internet (including plenty of phaser shots from Outpost AT!!) and (oh the shock) Mitt Romney (or is that Romulan?!?!?) Whereas once Captain Barry could cruise the cosmos with complete impunity, we’re now seeing his formidable craft with tiny contrails of smoke streaming from it. And the steely confidence and defiance once possessed by the idolized commander is starting to unravel right before our eyes. Hopefully this political episode will only consist of one part — where Captain Barry is marooned on some inhospitable, outlying planet after November — and not be a two-part episode where he is able to get the ship repaired and outfitted with bigger regulatory weapons in place of the (not required) cloaking device. We do not want to experience what he could do to us in that second episode…just think about “Revenge of the SCOTUS” or “The End of the Final Frontier” and try to sleep well tonight…


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