Vietcong Cannon Straddling Jane Fonda Hearts OWS

Jane Fonda must have inhaled something back then to refer to the Occupy Wall Street movement as both “successful” and having “good values.”

Fonda, told The Huffington Post how much she admires OWS, the flailing protest movement known for its violence, rapes and anti-Semitism.

Huffington Post

What’s your opinion of the Occupy movement?

Right on! I say right on! It’s an important, wonderful movement. It doesn’t fit the mold.

Is that what you like about it? That it doesn’t fit the mold?

I think that’s what allows it to be successful in its own way. Because it has no leader; it has no set of rules. But, the values are good and it makes a difference. And I say right on.

Your point about not having a leader is interesting.

It limits the range if there’s a leader. This can occupy a big space on a lot of different areas, but the core value is, “What about democracy?” It’s about democracy and against greed.


Hmm…  My first two reactions out of the gate are:

1)       Maybe you could sleep with one or more of the leaders of OWS and finally fulfill your Che Guerreva fantasy.

2)      I wish your father would descend from on high and kick your old Liberal, Progressive ass.

Imagine what an overblown opinion she had to have of herself to think that, in her thirties, she could visit Hanoi and influence the course of the Vietnam War. Imagine her ignorance, in 1972, in calling President Nixon a “traitor” and accusing him of committing “the most heinous crimes I think have ever been committed.” She was totally clueless then and, apparently, hasn’t gained any insight in the last 40 years.

Anytime the hypocritical prostituted skank Fonda shows up babbling in public in the past couple dozen years, it has been to build hype for an upcoming movie of hers, which always have genuine box office draws for co-players, in order to get people to watch them. Don’t think so, beside the toilet bowl decals, crappy exercise videos, and an early movie where she had coitus with a machine (ow, ah, ow, ga …what talent!), has she done anything on her own merits?

I want her to live long, with debilitation, and to reach that point where no one calls and everyone avoids her calls as well. Irrelevance, publicly displayed, is what she deserves. …and she’s getting there these days … like who cares what she says or does anymore. yeah, irrelevance, that’s the ticket … or stepping in front of a speeding bus, and surviving incapacitated and uglier than she already is.


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