David Axelrod tries to explain Boss’ “Private Sector is Doing Fine” Line

One thing I will miss when Obama is voted out of office is the cast of cartoon characters he employs.  Campaign Strategist Tool David Axelrod is a fine example.

At the presser Obama had the empty stare of a teenager who just pulled an all-nighter with Cheech and Chong in the Choom Van. In his parallel universe the private sector IS doing just fine and pigs are flying out of his butt.

In their arrogance or utter stupidity Axelrod and BarryObama are merely giving voice to what the electorate has long known by virtue of Barry’s policies and rhetoric — when Barry gets free of the teleprompter and the constraints imposed by his handlers, he lets slip his true communist ideology. In this case, his remarks demonstrate what objective observers already knew — that Obama possesses total hostility towards the free market and doesn’t give a dam about the workers who earn their livelihood there. All he cares about helping are his union buddies who make up the bureaucracy of bloated government payrolls, out earning their counterparts in the private sector and bankrupting states and municipalities across America with outrageously extravagant pensions and benefits. The racket is up; the taxpayers are waking up to this scam.

That Barry and Axelrod even seriously contend that economic growth is best obtained by giving money to prop up already bloated state and federal payrolls, as opposed to helping the private sector through lower taxes, less bureaucratic meddling and red tape, etc. etc. shows how obtuse and illiterate these Marxists are when it comes to basic economics.

This ridiculous circular logic has been going around since Pelosi said that unemployment checks stimulate the economy. I’m having a hard time deciding if these people are A) morons, B) intentionally trying to destroy America, C) trying to buy as many votes as they can, or D) all of the above. It is so insulting. They really expect us to believe that taking money out of the hands of the hard-working taxpayers and producers who earned it, and giving it to public sector employees so they can spend it will somehow be better for the economy than just letting the people who earned it spend it. If it wasn’t so outrageous, it would almost be funny…

November can’t come soon enough for me.


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