Funny to the Point of Pathetic.. Top ten reasons to Vote for Obama

American Thinker

Oh,  the things people say…in particular, those who support President  Obama.

At  the recent “ATM Withdrawal Fest” for Obama in California on June 7th,  hundreds voiced their support for the President.  Here — in their own  words — are the top ten reasons to re-elect Obama:

 (1) He has a nice voice  (very important when all you do is talk);

(2) He’s likeable (unless you are  in the crosshairs of one of his drone attacks);

(3) He’s black (and, as the  post-racial President, only He can cure our racist nation of its racist  ills);

(4) He’s the first Black American (what?);

(5) He stopped the wars  (and stemmed the rise of the oceans);

(6) He put an end to Don’t Ask Don’t  Tell (and has evolved from supporting gay marriage to campaigning for  traditional marriage to embracing Gay Marriage, one of the most heinous civil rights violations in our time);

(7)  He…I don’t know (that’s probably the only accurate response yet);

(8) He’s  awesome (when using his nice voice to sing Al Green songs and attend over 150  fundraisers…while Rome burns);

(9) He’ll tax the G-D rich and make those  selfish people pay their fair share (until he runs out of other people’s  money.  Hey, Michelle! How about another $2,000 sundress, $500 pair of  gardening shoes or $400,000 vacation with 40 of your BFFs?);

 (10) He needs  four more years to…put it all together (because he messed up so badly during  the first four years–during his practice round as President).

Only in California, the land of nuts, berries and Governor Moonbeam the Sequel could there be a “ATM Withdrawal Fest for Obama”.

This guy needs to be gone, and there is will be a long, hard road ahead, with a  lot of hard work repairing the divisive damage done to the Spirit Of America by  the “progressive” left. We can get Obama  out of office, but the diseased minds of the left will remain to undermine  efforts to repair our economic and social structure.Their goal is to subjugate  this country to a UN style global rule. Our national independence is at stake.


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