Hey Dems, where was your Mighty Obama the night you were thoroughly humiliated in Wisconsin? “He was Busy” – Yep Great Leader you have there.

Weekly Standard

On Friday, he visited Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a midday speech and three fundraisers. He departed late afternoon for Chicago and three more fundraisers that evening. The president stayed overnight in his hometown and spent Saturday morning at his old home before flying back to Washington, D.C., for a brief stop before heading to Camp David for some downtime.

So just four days before the recall elections in Wisconsin that the state’s Democrats have worked 16 months to win, with potential implications for November 2012, the leader of their party did six fundraisers for himself in surrounding states but couldn’t find time for even a quick stop? Think about it: As Wisconsin Democrats were busy getting voters to cast early ballots Friday and organizing for Tuesday, Air Force One flew overhead twice-from Washington to Minnesota and Minnesota to Chicago

Possible other answers:

1)      I was having drinks with Clooney, son.

2)      Destroying America takes a lot of time & energy

And just what was he saying at these fund-raisers? How the government needs to grow and Mitt Romney was 47th among the states creating jobs. What did he not say?

Most of us would rather live in a state with 4.7% unemployment and a high median pay than in a country that has 8.2% unemployment and 29 million more not counted with a loss of personal wealth of 40% of what it was when Obama took office.

Government may not be able to create jobs (though Obama wants to double down on government workers) but, it sure as hell can destroy them simply by the regulatory environment. How many jobs are lost by not developing our natural resources? How many simply by not permitting the Keystone XL pipeline? And, how many because the rules for banks are so oppressive that capital is not available for business expansion?

Now add to that the currency validation in comparison to China and the target marketing for which Democrats have no answer and just as Obama used “jobs saved”, these are opportunity choices and jobs lost. That Damocles sword cuts both ways.

Back in 2007 (while campaigning for the presidency) Barack Obama told his Wisconsin supporters that if he were the president, he’d be walking in solidarity with workers if unions were threatened. The reason he didn’t stop is that he knew that the recall would be defeated and didn’t want to be associated with another defeat. He’s a coward, amongst being a lot of other negative things. The Tea Party and the Silent (but getting louder daily) Majority of conservatives will kick this usurper out of office. They know it and they are running scared. They are finally under assault by an awakened populace. The end of this disastrous presidency is in sight.

Obama is going to get choomed in November.


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