Heads Up Folks! The Libs are still very much out there – Unfortunately.

Despite the win in WI for Governor Walker and I will stick out my neck out here, the impending Supreme Court decision to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional, our buds the Libs are still very much out there looking to make the US a Utopian Socialist State.

A lot of the danger of the Left is passive aggressive. Lie about people. Distort reality whenever possible. Interpret the constitution until it is unrecognizable. Permissive parenting has children growing up without ethics and morals. Then, any restraints on behavior are called fascist. Support “light” drug use, but know what will really happen. Destroy commonsense and good judgment. Demoralize and subvert “dominant paradigms.” Claim any government expansion is compassionate until it is too late. Dumb down education. Centralize power little by little. Malign and slander any and all opposition. Claim to be compassionate yet spew hatred at all opponents. Claim that “change” is constructive, yet never truly define “change.” Destroy individualism using collectivism. And much, much, more. We need to keep identifying the methods, strategies, techniques of the Left and counter them.

Political correctness is the ultimate manifestation of passive aggressive behavior. It is the weapon of choice for the cowardly left. They have woven it in to legislation going back to the 60’s, and now it is part of the fabric of our everyday lives. When laws can be written that demand that citizens be responsible for themselves and maintain their “personal feelings” then we will be on a sane track.

We will always have the “disloyal” opposition, Liberal Socialists (Democrats), because they are so well entrenched in academia, media and our culture. Additionally, whenever we go through another economic downturn, something that is a natural process in a capitalist society, the Liberal Socialist ideologues will once again, get out their drums and beat them! With a WILLING, CO-OPTED and DISLOYAL media, to spread the lies, distortions and confusion of Liberal Socialism, we’ll be right back to the starting line, with another 0bama, or a “Bite Me” or a Dukakis/Mondale type demagogue, who convinces Americans to try once again, worn-out, antiquated and non-working Liberal Socialist ideas, on the national scale. No, Liberals may be in the closet for a while, but they’ll stay in there, get grand ideas of grandeur again, then come roaring, out of the closet when they think the time is right. All it will take is another Black Liberal Socialist, whose “articulate and clean.” With regards to “clean and articulate” Black Liberals, you can pretty much fool most of the people, all of the time. 0bama is STILL fooling the STUPID segment of our country. They will always be blinded by their ignorance and illogical belief that “Socialism will work, if you just get the right guy in there to run it.” Sadly, what you get is a Lenin, Stalin or Hitler in there, to “run” Socialism.


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