What Obama’s Hope and Change looks like about 3 ½ years later.

This is the reality of President Obama’s “Hope and Change” today:

* A misery index that is at a 28-year high.

* America’s credit rating downgraded for the first time in American history.

* A standard of living for Americans that has fallen further and more steeply over the past three years than at any time since the government began recording it five decades ago.

* An unemployment rate that now stands at 9.0 percent. October marks the 33rd consecutive month in which the unemployment rate was above the 8 percent level that the Obama administration said it would not exceed as a result of his stimulus program. And 28 out of the last 30 months have seen unemployment at 9.0 percent or above — the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression.

* Obama is now on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era.

* The share of the eligible population holding a job has reached its lowest level since July 1983.

* Chronic unemployment is worse than the Great Depression.

* Almost 26 million are either unemployed, marginally attached to the labor force, or involuntarily working part-time – a number experts say is unprecedented.

* A smaller share of 16-19 year-olds are working than at any time since records began to be kept in 1948.

* Black unemployment is at its highest level in 27 years, with black youth unemployment now closing in on 50 percent.

* The rate of economic growth under Obama has been only slightly higher than the 1930s, the decade of the Great Depression.

* Federal spending as a percent of GDP, the budget deficit as a percent of GDP, and the federal debt as a percent of GDP has all reached their highest level since World War II.

* Confidence among U.S. consumers has plunged to the lowest level in more than 30 years.

* The housing market has recently entered a double dip and the crisis is now worse than the Great Depression. Home values are worth one-third less than they were five years ago. And the home ownership rate is the lowest since 1965.

* The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty has seen a record increase on President Obama’s watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty (which failed miserably and made things much worse.)

* A record number of Americans now rely on the federal government’s food stamps program.

* Government dependency, defined as the percentage of persons receiving one or more federal benefit payments, is the highest in American history.

It is amazing that despite all the liberal spin in mainstream media, and the best efforts of the shills on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC Obama is looking far more like a community organizer than a President. Maybe voters are smarter than liberals give them credit for. I think this election boils down to a decision between whether as citizens we want to make as many of our own decisions and be as responsible for ourselves as we can, or we want government bureaucrats to tell us what to think, what to eat, and what our rights are. I’m for individual liberty, and I’m hoping for a change in November….

Anyone who still believes in “Change you can believe in” would need committal to a mental hospital.  It’s unfortunate but realistic that, if the Democratic Party doesn’t come up with a more electable candidate very quickly, the likelihood for them and the whole African-American bloc that supports them will be electoral defeat….


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