President Obama considers catering to the Stoner Youth Vote and Legalize Marijuana, Mary Jane, Mother’s Nature Hair you know POT

Patriot Update

With President Obama’s approval rankings taking a dip, and his head-to-head matchups with Mitt Romney looking awfully close, it may be time for him to break out another secret weapon: pot legalization. So says speculation, at least, drawing comparisons to the Bush campaign’s 2004 effort to put gay marriage bans on ballots as a way of motivating the right. Several states will have weed legalization measures on their ballots this fall, and the Democrats are hoping this will energize the youth.

This year there’s another incumbent president with modest approval ratings who could turn out his base with controversial ballot measures. … In 2012, voters in swing states will decide whether they’ll allow their fellow citizens to bear joints. Unlike the gay marriage votes, there’s no indication that Obama’s re-election team is behind any of the pot legalization initiatives, but there are Democrats who are hoping that it will boost turnout among weed’s biggest fans: young people.

Works into Obama’s plan perfectly. Get them stoned and they won’t notice they don’t have a job. Pretty soon getting high will be a “right”.

Just what we need more slackers. Oh wait, Michelle what do you have to say to people who are smoking pot and get the munchies? Serve veggies and dip? Talk about an unfit population! Wait till the potheads get legalization for their smoking…what about lung disease? I thought they wanted to cut down on things that cause people to get ill….oh, that’s food, not smoking pot!

Doesn’t matter, he would love to Executive Order anything as long as it might get him votes. Shades of “A Chicken in every pot”. Why not promise anyone that votes for him a free Electric/Hybrid car for every family. Actually that might work, a lot of new energy efficient cars on the roads, giving jobs out to the public/private sectors, and forepersons would have a lot more to do with all the vehicle fires that would occur.

This Administration is undermining the moral fiber and integrity of America, and this is just another step on that road. Statutory Rape goes unreported as young underage girls go to Planned Parent Hood for abortions, they can get an abortion without reference to their parents even when underage, they can get contraceptives from school nurses, again without reference to the parent, but heaven help the school nurse who gives out an Aspirin or a Paracetamol. One school at least in California is opening a branch of PPH on it’ premises, now this, what is next Heroin on Obamacare?

Wonders never cease. Now B.O. is going to turn our youth into prospective drug addicts for their vote. Why stop there B.O., go ahead and send them all to free terrorist training as well. Then we can have high flying teens with bombs strapped to them blowing up all of those Wall Street companies you wish weren’t in business.

Guess this is a great indicator of the depths to which Obama would sink in order to try to maintain his grip on power. Face it. Theres is no lower limit to Obama’s greed for power andno limit on how low he would go to keep Michelle and the kids living high on the American taxpayer’s hog. We made a terrible, terrible mistake electing this worthless piece of crap in 2008. We were sold a bill of goods that has never remotely achieved even one good thing for the American people. Let us not make that same mistake again.

There’s just one place for you to go and it’s OUT OF “WE THE PEOPLE’S” WHITE HOUSE in November!


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