Dear Mr. President: Please tell the truth; you don’t have any idea what to do with the debt

The debt ceiling explained: Say your city’s sewage lines are blocked. You come home to find sewage almost up to the ceiling. Would you raise the ceiling or pump out the s**t?

A Businessman vs. President Obama

You know you are upside down on loans and your home mortgage. You are in danger of losing your business. You purchase more goods on credit, a new expensive health insurance plan and you promise all your employees annual raises and more benefits. Uh… obviously you’re an idiot or a madman.

President Obama:
The country is indebted to China, the debt ratio is too high, the economy is in a shambles, jobs are disappearing and the nation’s credit rating is downgraded. As President you keep the country in a spending frenzy. You implement a very costly Health Care program. You bail out the automobile Union Thugs. You promise all your Union teachers, Union firemen and Union police more benefits. And you want to grow the government sector even more. Uh… obviously you are a socialist idiot and a madman!!

Obama and his campaign staff have over the last 5 years grown to believe the hype and lies they told to build this man up and get him elected in the first place. Now its pay the piper time. He has proven himself to not be the golden boy, the super intellectual, the authority on all things constitutional, and the savior that was going to deliver us from that evil Satan Bush. They have made hype and promotion such a large part of their daily duties. Now, Obama is still trying to win people with the same hype and promotional BS. It’s not working and his minions cannot find the magic key to turn the downward spiral around. He will self-destruct; because he believes his own BS and the people are not being fooled this time. Before, I would not watch him on TV nor listen to his speeches; I would get so angry my blood pressure would go thru the roof. Now I watch every one, just to see him squirm and try to lie his way out of the problems he has created.

All I know is in the end is that Obama has increased the debt by $5 trillion; employment is still above 8% and rising. The stimulus didn’t stimulate. Obamacare is going to cost more than we were told (if it stays in effect). We have no budget thanks to the Democratic Senate. We have a President that only blames and only will take responsibility or credit when it makes him look good. So, either side can come out with figures to justify this or that but it all boils down to, Did Obama do the job he said he was going to do or didn’t he. So far, it has been the latter and I see no change 5 months from now or 4yrs from now under another presidential term for Obama. All I see is Talk and no results.


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