Dear Progressive Borg Collective of the Left,

 I realize this will do nothing; however do you realize that your anointed leader Barack Obama is now making laws and bypassing Congress?  Like, that it is in the CONSTITUTION, the document that you presently treat like used toilet paper. Dear Leader is using his control over government agencies to establish a semi-amnesty for younger illegal immigrants, even though the nation’s youth unemployment rate is already at a record level. The new policy was announced as polls showed that Obama’s re-election campaign is losing ground in critical states, including Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida. Obama’s campaign deputies have frequently said that the Hispanic vote is critical to their success in several swing-states, such as Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

Bottom Line:  Obama doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about young immigrants – he wants votes.  If there were votes with Polygamists your leader would have Polygamy legalized in a Nanosecond not because he is concerned about men marrying multiple wives but he wants the votes.

Simply stated, Obama is a Marxist. He clearly follows exact tactics right out of Marx’s Communist Manifesto:

1. I contend that Obama practices marginality in virtually ALL of his policies. His strong union affiliation along with the forcing of State run health care and the takeover of various (non-profitable) industries (GM, Solindra, etc.) and forcing their products at a premium (artificially hidden by stolen tax dollars) on the public at large clearly shows this.

2. Dialectical Materialism. When was the last time Obama spoke in any capacity where he did not address the thesis and anti-thesis of Aufhebung Synthesis? When has he not spun the truth of our historical perspective to drive it to a class struggle phenomenon? Class and class warfare is in fact the man’s stock in trade. Marx’s thesis dealt with the Atomism of Epicurus and Democritus and thus he would be proud of Obama’s efforts.

3. Class Struggle. Obama virtually bleeds class hatred. His statements and policies define the battle against perceived exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie. From day one he has incited the “have not’s” to rise up and destroy the “haves.” Obama defines wealth redistribution, not for his wealth, but other people’s.

4. Dictatorship of the Proletariat. One word: UNIONS! Does he or does he not endorse unions? Is he or is he not endorsed by unions? Do you not consider Dictatorship of the proletariat through unions to be a Marxists concept?

If these things do not define a Marxist, nothing does.

Add to this his blatant and unconstitutional attempts to dictate dogma (specifically procreation dogma) to the Catholic Church and you have a transparent banana republic boy dictator.

Look someone with a rational mind (HA!) at the DNC needs to sit the Head Borg down and tell him to pull a Lyndon Johnson.  Prop up VP Joey McMensa up as the candidate.  Yes, you will probably lose and lose big but at the various least you will have a better slate of candidates in 2016.  I can say with certain surety that if Obama is reelected in 2012 and goes to 2016, that no democrat will ever darken the doors of the White House again in my lifetime.  America will be so far gone at that point assuming we are still calling ourselves the United States of America. 

Take some minor bumps now or take major blows in 2016 and beyond.

It’s for your own good guys.


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