Easy Reader is scared of a Mitt Romney Presidency


Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman said Tuesday, “We’re going to be in a lot of trouble if we don’t reelect” Barack Obama.

Appearing on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show, Freeman added, “Because people on the other side of the fence scare me” :

MORGAN FREEMAN: I think that we did a really good thing when we elected Barack Obama. I read his books, they read his books. He is absolutely and totally qualified for the job. He has proven himself to be not only qualified for the job, but very good at it. The things that he’s managed to get accomplished in the face of so much push back is amazing. And I think, this is Morgan Freeman’s personal thought, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble if we don’t reelect him because people on the other side of the fence scare me.

I will never understand why actors put their foot in the mess of politics and demonize the same people they need to plunk down their hard earned dollars for their projects.  My advice to Freeman and the other pop culture pundits, stick with what you do best and leave the real world problems to those who are affected the most from a failed Presidency.  Whatever his issues are with the GOP, they pale in comparison to the problems we are all facing under Obama!

Morgan, your man FAILED……in EVERYTHING. There will be another African-American president in the future at some point….but you’re not going to like them either. Obama is/was the poster-child for exactly why liberal/socialists should NOT be in high office. Thanks to your buddy….YOUR CAUSE has been set back decades….if not forever. The one good thing about this whole ‘experience’ was it exposed everything that is WRONG with your kind of ideology. Charts and graphs will have the information for future generations to study in detail. Historians will look back in amazement that such a person ever got elected and future candidates will do everything in their power not to even allow a comparison to Obama to even be leveled on them.

Earth to Morgan Freeman; what had he ever accomplished as a public servant before 2008 that would even begin to make you believe he was qualified to be President of the United States? Obama had complete and unstoppable majorities for the first 2 years of his reign, and he got all he wanted. The ‘push back’ came in 2010, when AMERICA decided they didn’t like what he was pushing, and since then, he has done NOTHING that could even be considered working with the ‘other side’. This has shown us one very obvious thing; he is a gutless and feckless leader. He doesn’t have the stones to debate the other side, or anyone with opposing views, because he knows most people don’t agree with him. Hence, we get executive orders like the immigration debacle.

 The moral of this story is never go to the Church drunk looking for another drink and never listen to Actors for political advice! Not a good mix!

Have plenty of Kleenex on Nov 6  Mr. Freeman. You’re going to need them.


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