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For those who haven’t really followed the Fast and Furious scandal, here’s a five-step summary of how the operation was supposed to work:

1) Allow guns to flow freely to criminal elements in Mexico, where they are naturally used in the extremely violent and deadly criminal activities of the drug cartels.

2) When sufficient guns of American origin have been used in such criminal activities, enlist the willing services of the liberal media to announce the discovery thereof to the world.

3) Enlist multiple prominent Democrats to untruthfully proclaim that 90% of the guns used in Mexican  crimes originate in the U.S.

4) Use steps one through three to substantiate the liberal fallacy that private gun ownership leads to increased gun violence by gun owners.

5) With the compliance of a  thoroughly duped American public, enact increasingly restrictive gun ownership policies through federal agencies, bypassing Congress and the Supreme  Court.

This is not Barack Hussein Obama’s private fiefdom to do with as he sees fit, above the law and above the fray. He must be made to answer for this and to face judgment.

Let me be clear, I believe that Holder’s actions are in defense of the real culprit here: the president.

What he has been doing is waging war against Mexico – what else would you call the purposeful transfer of guns to criminal organizations that result in huge body counts?

What he has done is to concoct a conspiracy, the result of which is the undeniable fact that Brian Terry will not be down for breakfast. No illegal scheming on the part of Obama, no dead border agent. It’s that simple.

There will be no impeachment – at least before the election – the Republicans will not launch something that burdensome so close to November; nor should they.

The man who sees our Constitution as a Kodachrome negative of what it actually is trying to erase it from our midst. The proof is all around for you to see – the YouTube expressing his opinion that it is a charter of negative liberties, his childish (and erroneous) rant at the Supreme Court Justices during his SOTU speech and many more.

Let’s get behind Mr. Romney (warts and all) and get this rotten, despicable man out of our White House as soon as we can. Once he is out, he does not have the power of the presidency to protect himself or his cronies.

Then, let’s find out what he’s really been up to. If we find what we strongly suspect we should prosecute him and his to the fullest extent of the law.

And if we are successful in that, he will never see the light of day again; no traitor to this nation should ever be allowed to enjoy the liberties that have been paid for with the blood of its gallant forefathers against the very tyranny that Obama wishes to impose upon us.

 Even now, after following this story since it first broke last year, I find it incredible that this administration would risk getting caught running guns to the Mexican drug cartels merely to collect a few more chips to play in their never-ending political poker game to overturn the 2nd amendment. Were the lives lost of hundreds of Mexicans and our border agents merely part of this game to bolster the justification for imposing more gun restrictions? Is this administration so desperate to disarm the populace that they would be willing to engage in what on the surface appears to a totally hare-brained scheme? The risk: reward for such a scheme was so high that the story when it broke was initially discounted on the grounds that no one at the head of our government could be so foolish. It always had a great potential of back-firing on them, since its success required the involvement of too many people and that everyone who knew about it could keep their mouths shut. Well, that didn’t happen, so here we are – faced with another constitutional crisis to add to a growing list of other criminal, probably treasonous activity by this president and his underlings. These really are evil people. Without a 2nd amendment as a resistance to tyranny we would be completely at the mercy of such people, which it would appear we could never count on.


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