DNC Cancels Convention Kickoff at Speedway, Moves It Downtown – Read: They don’t have the Money Honey.

The Blaze

Organizers of a celebration scheduled to kick off the Democratic National Convention are moving the Labor Day event from Charlotte Motor Speedway to the city’s downtown.

Charlotte host committee spokeswoman Suzi Emmerling said late Monday that as the date of the event drew closer, logistics became a challenge. Emmerling said moving the celebration to downtown Charlotte near the convention venue would make it more accessible and family friendly. The speedway is about 18 miles outside the city.

But according to Bloomberg News, moving the event away from the speedway may be a matter of money

While the Democrats will receive a $50 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security to defray police costs for the Sept 4-6 convention, security for the Speedway festival may not be eligible because the event isn’t part of the official convention proceedings. With a party ban on direct contributions from corporations, the host committee has raised less than $10 million, well short of its $36.6 million goal, said one of the people. [*]

The convention has already been shortened from the traditional four days to three to have a day to “to make room for a day to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South and kick off the convention at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Labor Day,” it was announced in January.

First of all, I’m trying to imagine NASCAR fans, after being verbally put down by the leftists, getting excited about having a Democrat convention at any speedway. Is it possible that a protest was filed by NASCAR fans and that’s why the move?

Beyond that, we now have a new battle cry to keep these leftists out of office for a long time to come. Remember the mandate! Remember Obamacare! This is what leftists think of our rights. Trample them. Every election from this day forward should be a stark reminder that leftist will trample the Constitution and especially our rights to get their socialist dictatorship. It should never be forgotten.

This pretty much confirms my suspicions about how “well” Obama is doing in the polls. Every time I see a new poll on Obama approval ratings, I am astounded he is doing as well as they report.

My theory is that when pollsters call, many people are afraid to tell their true feelings for fear of being considered racist, or that the pollsters will report them to thug team Obama.

Obama’s issues raising money are problematic and, in my humble opinion, directly tied to voter dissatisfaction that isn’t being picked up in the polls. Another problem is his desperate ideas his team is coming up with–like “give me your wedding/anniversary/birthday gifts,” and the” give me $3.00 and you might win lunch with me.” Really? Hawking for $3.00?

He is drying up his well in Hollywood; they aren’t going to be giving him $15 million more anytime soon. He killed donations from Wall Street and big corporations because of his constant vilification of them as the cause of our pathetic economy.

If this keeps up, the convention will be reduced to two days, poorly attended two days unless they start grabbing people off the streets and pay them to attend.

BTW, Obama is a multi-millionaire. Why isn’t he digging into his own pockets to help his re-election effort?

Mr. President, can I let you in on a secret? We are just not buying what you are selling. Give it up; the majority of the American people don’t want you. And come November 6, 2012, please start packing so by January 20, 2013 you are out of our house. We won’t be as crass as you and ask you to leave before then. But we really would like you to!


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