Okay, Mitt Romney is a Mormon – SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL HERE?

Remember that the ENEMY of our nation is LIBERAL SOCIALISM it’s not Mormonism. Mormons are not going to take away your freedoms. Liberal Socialists will, however. Mormons are not going to force GAY RIGHTS down your throat, Liberal Socialists are doing so. Mormons will not force any wacko environmentalists, Al Gore type idiocy down your throats. Liberal Socialism does so with relish! Mormons will NEVER come to take what’s yours and you family’s. Liberal Socialists are doing so now. So why would anyone FEAR Mitt Romney? He may be a Mormon but so what? He’s not out to “redistribute” what you earned to someone who refused to work! Mormons respect RESPONSIBILITY and stress INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Liberal Socialism doesn’t do so at all. So, what’s the BIG DEAL? Sure, 0bama and his spawn will attempt to paint Mormons in a dark way, but they will FAIL. People aren’t STUPID, despite what the Liberal Socialists believe.

The theology is deeply troubling for those who know the least about it.

The Mormons received a lot of hatred/ridicule from their protestant neighbors in the early 1800s when they stated that they believed in a second book of scripture (The Book of Mormon) in addition to the Bible. The Book of Mormon indeed tells the story of early inhabitants of the Americas who were called Nephites, however they have no relationship to fallen angels, nor are they going to form some army at the last days to save/take America.

Mormons were driven out of Upstate New York, out of Ohio, out of Missouri, and out of Illinois until they left the United States entirely and settled in the Mountain West. They suffered some of the worst religious persecution in the history of the United States, yet they continued to believe that the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution was divinely-inspired documents, and that the United States was set up and supported by the hand of God.

There are a few things that one can be confident about with Mr. Romney.
1. It won’t take him years to find a congregation to meet with every Sunday.
2. He will actually be attending church rather than shooting hoops on Sunday.
3. The teachings he will receive will emphasize living a moral, upright life, doing well to others and trying to follow the example of Jesus Christ.


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