Okay, so I settled down a little bit from yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare…

Here are a few thoughts.

The Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare does not violate the Constitution, because it is not a mandate but a tax. The decision has been greeted by universal revulsion on the Right and spiking the football by the Left. Judge Roberts has been called a Benedict Arnold even by myself. Now, I am not a Pollyanna Optimist, but this was a Pyrrhic victory for President Asshat and the Left. Here is why.

The term “Pyrrhic victory” had been named for King Pyrrhus of Epyros, Greece. Pyrrhus defeated the Romans in two battles, but the cost was heavy. Furthermore, the Romans quickly replaced their losses, but Pyrrhus could not. Rome’s replacements were angry at the loss and Pyrrhus was put in an untenable position. One more victory like that, he is quoted to have said, and he would be undone. Indeed, he was.

President Asshat’s victory had come at a heavy cost. By limiting the Commerce Clause, the Court has blunted one of the favorite tools of the Left. The Federal Government no longer can claim that the Commerce Clause gives it the power to regulate anything other than interstate commerce. The Court also blunted another tool of the Left, the withholding of funds from the States to coerce them. In a small way, the Court reaffirmed the power of the States. As for enlarging the power of Congress to tax, that is meaningless. The power of Congress to tax is limited not by the Constitution, but by the people.

The ruling has political implications. It made ObamaCare one of the two central issues of the fall election. The people who do not like ObamaCare have one and only one avenue of defeating it: defeat the Democrats. Now, the two issues of the election are the gutting of the US economy by President Asshat’s and the Democrats’ policies and the disaster that ObamaCare represents. One more victory like that and they are undone. The biggest beneficiary of the Supreme Court ruling is Mitt Romney. We either elect him as President or the Country is undone.


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