President Asshat’s Victory Lap

“I didn’t do this because it was good politics. I did it for the good of the Country…” from Asshat’s SCOTUS victory speech.

In other words: “I knew the American people didn’t want this skanky, misshapen, filthy, elephant-size, overpriced pill but we’ve crammed it down your throats and now you got to swallow it because I, ‘THE ONE,’ say so! And if you STILL refuse to swallow it…Then you’ll take it as a suppository.
Meet Nurse Nancy.”

President Asshat reminded the nation that America is the “wealthiest nation on earth,” and thanks to the ruling “no accident or illness [will] lead to any families’ financial ruin.”

That is precisely what is wrong with Obamacare.

Obamacare will grow the nanny state, which sadly has become too much of our current health care system.

We are far too worried about people who are chronically ill or out of work or can’t afford good health care. There should be no free lunch to use Emergency Rooms or Medicare or Medicaid.

Insurance companies should be able to exclude you for preexisting conditions because we call that the free market. Neither should they be forced to cover expensive treatments for rare illnesses.

If you can’t afford it, you can always go to the charity ward.

The only thing that should be regulated in health care is the freedom to sell and the freedom to buy.

The table has been set. The people have a choice: capitalism or socialism.

Here is what socialism means: public ownership of everything. In New Jersey, property taxes will need to be increased by 15% across the board to cover the expansion in the budget for the Medicaid Mandate. So if the state implements the mandate, your property taxes that probably average about $10K in NJ will average $11,500 and rising.

The Bush tax cuts will expire and taxes go up across the bard from 3-5%. Mostly it is 5% since 10% goes to 15% and 15% goes to 20%. So if you have taxable income of $50K, your Federal Income Tax is going up $2,500.

The taxes on capital gains and dividends is also going up along with an additional 3.8% tax on incomes over 250K. Good-bye jobs for good.

So if you are middle class and struggling now, the federal government is going to increase your taxes by at least $4,000 in 2013. When you can no longer afford a home, you will live in a cattle stall called Agenda21 “smart growth” sustainable development in a “stack and pack” apartment working for a government factory. It is far worse than Middle Ages serfdom or slavery since the élites have already told us there are too many of us. Serfs and slaves were valued property.


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