Random Thoughts on the Weekend – Part I – I apologize to Congressman Joe Walsh

I was out on vacation last week.  So, I have compiled a couple of Random Thoughts from the weekend.  On July 4th, our town had a parade.  About a third of the way Congressman Joe Walsh’s float came down. He was running down the other side of the street, his wife, Joan Walsh was marching on my side of the street and saw me trying to shake the hand of the Congressman.  She introduced herself and was very gracious I told her “Tell your husband to kick ass in November”.  I thought it was cool and I appreciate the time she spent with me, albeit a couple of seconds.  But, it’s a parade and you have to keep moving.

 I also saw Joe Walsh on O’Reilly being interviewed by Laura Ingraham about the Tammy Duckworth comment.  Link Here. He explained how the comment was taken out of context and had followed a long dialogue about Obama Care.  Also, that Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod were helping out on Ms Duckworth’s congressional campaign.  It follows the logistics of the Asshat Administration that they are looking for their kind of Borg to join their Progressive-Liberalism-is-a-Mental-Disorder collective.   So, I apologize to the congressman about last Tuesday’s post and hope and pray that he indeed kicks Ms Duckworth rear in November.

PS:  Laura Ingraham asked TD to come on the Factor but turned it down..  Apparently, she had time for Ed “Sargent” Schultz’s program on MesSNBC.



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