President Romney if elected will have a lot of S**t in the Cat box to clean up

Obama’s “Achievements” since his show started at the White House:

•He has added $5 trillion to the national debt. 

•His almost-trillion-dollar “stimulus” package hasn’t really stimulated anything except the 2010 landslide defeat of Democrats in the House.

 •His obvious disdain for Israel and his tilt toward radical Islamists in Palestine are hurting him with American Jews, even those most reliably liberal and Democrat. 

•He has an attorney general who has been cited for contempt of Congress. 

•He still has a history of hiding his political provenance, not allowing birth records, educational records, records of who might have paid for his education, and on and on, while claiming the mantle of transparency in his administration.

 •He has not reduced spending or the deficit in the slightest and continues to call for more spending while the interest on his $5 trillion in additional debt adds up.

 •He has presided over the longest and most sluggish recovery from a recession since World War II.

 •He has made recess appointments — even while the Senate was not in recess.

 •His signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, is tremendously unpopular with the electorate.

These are things that President Romney will have to face.

Time to focus. We have just one candidate. One. First, he must beat Obama and he will do that on the backs of old line republicans and the new conservatives we call the Tea Party. Once he wins, and he must so there is only the choice of everyone working together, then we start the long slog.

Then we have two things to do, and most commentaries focus on the second and its seeming impossibility and ignore the first which may be even harder. Before we can turn this behemoth of a government ship around, we have to stop the direction it is currently going. Actually, Romney the coalition builder may be the good choice for that. We have to apply the brakes first.

As I see it, Romney is our set up man. His task is stop the bleeding and hold them until our power hitters come up in the next cycle . . . eight long years from now.

This election is absolutely necessary to slowing the progression and possibly stopping it. The next one is the one that will move things in our direction. Check your calendars everyone, this is a twenty year battle spanning multiple generations that began about 2009. Hold on and buck up, we have a lot of battles ahead, but we have to win this one before the others even matter.


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