Every Conservative must get behind Mitt Romney – Starting yesterday.

The time has come down to earth and support this guy. The talking heads and congress give him zero support while on the left and MSM the “lie repeated a million times becomes the truth.” I kid you not on this last point. The libs have accused Romney of being a felon as one example. A gazillion fact checks reveal wait a minute shockingly that Obama is lying again! No outrage. No reporting. Then the talking heads gang up and say that Romney needs to release his tax returns for the last 50 years or I cannot believe he didn’t close down every bank account and put his money under a mattress since he has been running for President for the last 8 years.

Some day we will wake up as a country and start to see how all these bull shit artists, media punks, and consultants like the Axelrods of this world have been treating us like fools. This election is a referendum on the stupidity of the American voter. If we elect Obama again, we deserve the certain disaster that follows.

I say let’s get behind this guy and rip this country out of the hands of these liberal fruit cakes before it is too late. He is our candidate for better or worse. But he is NOT a felon and frankly is an incredibly decent guy. Compare him to the current community organizer in chief and his band of scum bags, terrorists, communists, and Muslim brotherhood connections. Who is the real felon?

The NAACP speech was a gem. Romney, I think, is one of those “have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest” kind of guys. I suspect that there’s a lot of good stuff there we’re not aware of, largely because he has a good character, derived from a strong, healthy relationship with his father, and, unlike some current US presidents, he knows who he is.

And for those who think he’s spineless, go to YouTube and watch him dismantle Ted Kennedy during their ’94 US Senate debate. The Boston Globe ran an excellent serial biography of Romney some time back and what you see is a man who is not only smarter than most people, but one who, more importantly, outworks everyone else. He’s a square, he’s boring, but he really wants to serve the country he loves, which allows even a somewhat off the wall religion like Mormonism to grow and thrive. He’s going to be a good president, and possible a great one, IMHO.

 We’ve had two “cool kids” in the White House (Clinton and Obummer) and “cool kids” NEED to be liked and do stupid things to impress the crowd. Dull people care more about doing the right thing.

What I like about Romney is:

1) He gave away his inheritance. He may have started with a top notch education, but he wanted to make it on his own. That’s why the dog story is charming – because we all have one of those stories.

2) He’s been in a monogamist relationship with his wife and we know it wasn’t a business decision. Also, he did well enough (and she cared enough to put her own desires aside) that his wife was able to give full attention to their family.

Seriously, do we want another four years of this?

One thought on “Every Conservative must get behind Mitt Romney – Starting yesterday.

  1. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/jan/20/mitt-romney/mitt-romney-says-he-didnt-inherit-money-his-parent/

    According to this politifact article, Romney did give away his inheritance. At the time that he received his inheritance and gave it away, he was already incredibly wealthy. He didn’t, however, give away the car his parents bought for him for his wedding to Ann. He didn’t give away the house they helped him buy. And he didn’t give away the stocks that allowed him and Ann to not have a job when they were fresh out of college. And he didn’t tell individuals not to pay attention to him because he was the son of a political figure. Nicholas Cage changed his name from Nocholas Coppola in order to try to “make it on his own” without people wanting to hire him because he was the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. So Romney didn’t really have the kind of “make it on my own” story that many of us would like to believe he did. He had quite a lot given to him that he didn’t make on his own and he didn’t give away.

    And as for you second point about Romney’s marriage, it’s a valid point. Being of the Mormon faith where having multiple wives is encouraged, it’s even harder to just have one wife. And with marriages in our country now at a 60% failure rate, it’s even more impressive that Mitt and Ann are both with their one and only spouse.

    So I guess, out of your two points, you ultimately like Mitt Romney because he’s never been divorced or cheated on his wife.

    It sounds like you don’t actually like Mitt Romney, but just hate Barack Obama enough to support somebody who’s only quality you like is that they’re married. And it sounds like the only reason you hate Barack Obama is because of some inaccurate reporting you have heard.

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