President Obama are you this clueless and off the Reservation ???!!!

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

What he is saying is that all of these things—public education, highways, police and fire, etc. came as a gift from a beneficent federal government. The president leaves out one important factor. How did the government do this? Where did the money come to create this wonderful public education system that turns out such a high percentage of highly educated, motivated young individuals? And where did the money come from to give us 6 lanes each way from NYC to LA and from North Dakota to Texas. Hell, we can’t even get a pipeline to transport oil from North Dakota to Texas.

In fact, these days, it seems that the primary role of government is not to build roads and bridges, but to prevent the construction of roads bridges and pipelines through EPA regulations, and to make the education system concentrate on teaching gay pride, un-Americanism and that all the polar bears are going to drown because America is causing global warming and melting the polar icecaps.

It’s not a case of the government making people successful, but of the government standing in the way and making it more difficult for people to become successful. Our taxes in many cases don’t go to support growth, but to stand in the way of growth through burdensome regulations and bureaucracies.

He didn’t even make that speech happen. He just ripped it off Comrade Fauxcahontas. He doesn’t think business can be done through hard work, talent, smarts and initiative–he thinks the whole business world is nothing but a pile of Solyndras getting money from various piles stolen from others.

His whole life revolves around stealing from others and such a worldview has a hard time seeing honest work, inventiveness, creativity, enterprise, and the massive courage it takes to put all your life’s savings on the line for your dream and then work your tail off to make it happen. Obama sees his own job as letting the suckers do that, then swooping in and taking it away from them while telling the drones “these businessmen (word spat out in contempt) didn’t build these businesses. You did.”

So we suckers aren’t building businesses anymore. We’re not hiring you drones anymore–because your drone leader has made it clear he’s all about taking our work from us and making us your slaves.

Ever ask yourself why nobody’s hiring in this “recovery?”

There’s your answer.


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