ObamaBorg/Progresssives/Lefties/Celebrities who wanted their taxes raised by Obama – What would happen if say…

What would happen if say the money ran out, the gravy train stopped rolling, and good old uncle Sam no longer could provide the food, shelter, clothes and on and on.  Do you think the poor huddled masses could pull themselves up and survive?  Could they provide for themselves and the Families? By say, maybe, working?  Would they say “Maybe it’s time I grew up and take responsibility for myself” I think not. The mindset now is give me; provide for me, it’s my right.
If the trough should run dry I see not the population standing on their feet as free people and relying on themselves. Rather I see massive riots, a crime wave beyond belief and a crying of the people of “Help me, save me, take care of me”

The American, the free American is almost dead, there are scant few of us left in this once great Country. For if I’m to be my Brother’s keeper and I must pay to keep you breathing, you will not have that big screen TV, that fancy cell phone, the gold chains, the $200 sneakers, the $60 hairdo and your nails won’t be getting done every week at $50 a pop. I will feed you, I will shelter you from the weather, but it won’t be steak you’re eating in a four bedroom house. And you will be working during the day, or night or when needed. Nothing is free, work, earn or starve. I’m tired of feeding the rats.

Injecting fear of NEARLY EVERYTHING into the very souls of previously free and independent Americans is a little discussed tactic of the Left, but it is all around us.

Today, we (and our children) are inculcated with fear of epidemics, severe weather, world-wide economic collapse, religious people, material success, charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, body odor, Islamophobia, patriotism, crime, domestic violence, bullying, germs and the IRS. We simply can’t be afraid of everything all at once.

Watch the network news any night and you’ll see what I mean. Americans are now the wimpiest people on the face of the Earth- and that’s the way Big Government likes it.


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